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How to Pick the Best Edger for Lawn Grass

How to Pick the Best Edger for Lawn Grass

Being an owner of a house, you want your lawn to always look as best as possible. To accomplish this purpose, you need to have the best lawn edging tool that would let you give that perfect trimming to your garden.

A lawn edger applies a metallic blade made that while spinning trims and cuts grass creating a magnificent lawn with excellently even lines.

You can find many varieties of yard edgers today and it can be a challenge to pick the one that would satisfy your individual needs. Here is a list of top lawn edgers and some useful tips on how to pick the right device for your yard.

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Honda Lawn Edger

Benefits of having sidewalk edgers

Main benefits of having a lawn edger include:

  • It maintains your paths and driveway smartly cut.
  • It allows to keep an excellently manicured sidewalk.
  • Great for trimming and cutting around the lawn’s edges.

What is the best lawn edger to buy?

When selecting a device for your garden, keep in mind these five main specifications:

  • Your yard’s size
  • A power source of the device
  • A depth of the cut and adjusting of the blade
  • Easiness and comfortability of applying the tool
  • Extra facilities

Your yard’s size

When selecting an edger, keep in mind your lawn’s shape and size. Think how easy it is for you to look after your yard, if your lawn is of an unusual shape, if there are flowerbeds, paths, a broad driveway. Having answers to these questions will simplify for you the process of picking the best electric lawn edger.

If you have a tiny lawn, it’s best to purchase an electric edger with one wheel that will assist you to garden efficiently and fast. If your lawn is medium or big, then it’s better to get a battery- or gas-operated walk-behind device with several wheels.

A power source of the device

The main power options are the following:

  • Electric edgers are ideal for small lawns that don’t need much care. They are light and can handle difficult areas. They’re also affordable and not bad for the environment. Probably, the only disadvantage is the fact that they’re not portable because of the cord’s limited length.
  • Battery-operated. A battery-operated edger is transferable and good for the environment variant. It is an amazing option for gardens of a medium size. They don’t require any fuel to operate and don’t have a cord you may be tripping over. Most of such edgers work on powerful lithium-ion batteries that work for a while and don’t take long to charge. However, if you have too much work to do in your yard, the battery will die faster and you will need to often recharge them. So, if this is the case, it is advisable to purchase an extra battery.
  • Gas-operated. A gas lawn edger is a great variant for medium or big gardens. Gas devices work on 2-cycle or 4-cycle motors. They are powerful, easy to start, as well as cut and trim fast. The disadvantage of such options is a high price. Also, they can make a lot of noise and emit bad gases into the air.

A depth of the cut and adjusting of the blade

It is advisable to get the device that has an option for adjusting the height and the blade. A blade from 7 to 9 inches and a cut depth of 2.5 inches is enough for most garden needs.

The depth of the cut depends on the areas in your yard where you’ll be applying the device, so it’s better to have a regulated blade.

Easiness and comfortability of using the tool

Buying the best gas edger for lawn means finding the device that is easy and comfortable to apply. If your lawn is not big, pick a light edger. If your lawn is large, look for walk-behind models with two levers and a broad handle.

Extra facilities

There are multifunctional options of edgers that have several tools in one. Some edgers can be applied both as a trencher or a strimmer after you change attachments. They are perfect for long grass and if you want to reshape your flowerbeds or lawn.

Review of Gas-powered Lawn Edgers

Here is a list of 4 professional top gas-operated edgers.

Best Gas Edge Trimmer under $150 – McLane 801 5.50 GT

This is a great sidewalk gas edger operated by a 3.5 horsepower motor.

It has a single level blade of 9 inches, making it possible to control the depth of the cut. The device is well constructed – it has four big detachable wheels of 8 inches and a firm frame.

MCLane Edger


  • Value for money
  • Suitable for medium and large gardens
  • Powerful
  • Easy to operate


  • A cable can fall down
  • Heavy
  • Instructions hard to understand

Top Rated Cheap Gas Lawn Edger – Ariens 986101 169 cc

It is one of the best gasoline trimmers and edgers that delivers a top-notch output and can handle almost any work in your yard. It is operated by a 6 horsepower 4-cycle motor. It has a blade of 9 inches that offers deep cuts and the 4-position height system of cuts with the rotation on 110 degrees.

Ariens 986101-169-cc edger Image

There is also a curb hop option that can assist you to keep an accurate cut. Even though the device is not light, it’s easy to manage because of a double shaft and the possibility to lower a blade using a button.


  • Powerful engine
  • Perfect for gardens of a medium and large size
  • Quiet
  • Easy to operate
  • Fuel efficient


  • Not suitable for high curbs
  • Hard to control in difficult spots

Best 4-stroke Lawn Edger – Southland SWLE 0799 79 cc

If you’re wondering who makes the best gas lawn edger, the answer is Southland. This is an affordable model that provides excellent power, performance, and quality. The Southland walk behind lawn edger has a regulated cut depth up to 2.5-inch deep. You can regulate the angle of the blade.

Southland SWLE 0799 79 CC - Edger Image


  • Good for an oblique or straight cut
  • Solid construction from steel
  • Warranty for two years


  • Not regulated handle
  • Needs gas

Best Battery-powered Edgers

Worx WG175

This device can be applied as a mini mower an edger, and a trimmer. You can convert it into any tool you need. It has a cut swath of 12 inches and the in-line wheels. Due to the dual-feature flower guard, the tool is easily moved around flowerbeds or along the driveway’s borders.

Worx WG175 Electric Edger


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Multifunctional
  • Ideal for small and medium gardens
  • Battery life lasts long
  • Flower guard


  • It takes long to recharge the battery
  • Not suitable for heavy edging

Black+Decker LST420 20 V Max

This is an affordable device that can assist you to complete your gardening tasks. It doesn’t pollute the air. This two-in-one model can provide a perfect cut for a small lawn and an excellent trimming for flowerbeds.

The device can be transformed into a trimmer. The handle is regulated for an additional control. The telescopic lever can also be regulated for your preferred height.

Black+Decker LST 420 20 V Max


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Idea for small yards
  • Two-in-one device
  • Power saving option


  • Not suitable for large yards
  • It charges a while


Best Electric Edger – Black+Decker LE750

If your lawn is not big, this model of Black+Decker is a perfect option to get a fast trim. If you want to change the shape of your flowerbeds or install lighting, you can convert the device into a trencher.

Black Decker LE750 Battery Edger

It has a blade 7.5 inches long and 3.16 inches thick. There are 3 positions to regulate the depth of the blade. It’s ideal for maneuvering in places that are hard to reach.


  • Light
  • Perfect for small lawns
  • Easy to control
  • Multifunctional
  • Right or left shaft


  • Not suitable to cut thick grass
  • Difficult to apply on sharp turns