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Some of the Best Hose Storage Ideas

Some of the Best Hose Storage Ideas

Have you ever notices how much time it takes to unwind the garden hose to irrigate the plants in the garden, and then turn it around again to hide it and remove it from under your feet for safe movement around the garden? These actions must be carried out in preparation for mowing grass on lawns so as not to accidentally damage the hose when mowing grass and with the onset of cold weather to prevent freezing of water in it. In addition, inaccurately folded hoses do not look very attractive.

It is important to have a convenient place to store garden hose since you will need to unwind every time you need to use it.

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How to take care of watering hoses

A good garden hose for irrigation must withstand a strong water pressure. The water pressure is measured in bars (or atmospheres). For use on the plot, a hose that withstands water pressure equal to 5 bars is enough. A warranty for quality products is given from one year to twenty years. It is important for the hose to be flexible since it provides a better use – it is easier to unwind a flexible hose and move it from place to place.

The hose must not break when twisting and bending. Ideally, it must also withstand mechanical deformation. A special inner braid eliminates kinking and twisting and does not allow the hose to break. Hoses should also be resistant to temperature fluctuations – modern hoses made of high-quality PVC are resistant to sunlight and retain their properties at temperatures from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees. Cheap hoses are unusable at temperatures above 40 degrees. The watering hose must be made of environmentally friendly raw materials and must not contain harmful substances.

Connecting parts such as couplings, clamps, nipples, and angle pieces will help you connect two short hoses or repair leaky ones. You should buy couplings of suitable diameter. During the purchase, pay attention to the diameter of the various parts, it should be the same. To repair the hose, gently trim the leaky area (the edges should be flat). Secure the clamps on each of the two pieces. The obtained parts are connected by means of a coupling.

Here are some care tips for water hoses:

  • Use a cart with a reel to hide a garden hose and protect it from various impacts. A maneuverable hose cart is designed to store the hose. It is easy to transport it from place to place.
  • Place the hose in the shade – hoses get ruined under prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is better to store the hoses in a shady place.
  • You can get a special hook for the hose that is attached to the wall. A hose hanger idea is very convenient for storing the hose. In this position, the remaining water flows out of the hose.
  • Using a spraying hose – such a hose lasts longer if it is well dried on the grass before storing it.

In summer, after watering, close the water so that the watering hose does not remain under pressure. Pour water out of it as the remains of water under the influence of the sun cause deformation of the watering hose. Fold the hose and put it in the shade.

Later in the autumn, pour out all the water from the hose, then wind the hose onto the cart with the reel. In winter, hoses are stored in the house or in the garage. Before putting the hose into storage, check if there are any leakage points on it. If so, repair or replace the hoses.

Hose Storage Pot

Practical accessories for hoses

Some of the practical accessories for hoses include:

  • Support ways are used to prevent damage to plants during watering. It is best to use metal or ceramic support ways.
  • Sprinklers – with the help of spray nozzles a strong stream of water is broken into rain that doesn’t wash the soil.
  • T-joints – thanks to t-joints you can connect two watering hoses to the water tap.

Creative Hose Storage Solutions

A hose for irrigation is like a snake on the site. You never know where it waits for you. There are several useful recommendations for decorative garden hose storage that allow you to hide this flexible inventory.

One of the ideas is to hang the hose on the hook – this way, the hose will not unwind and create inconvenience. Some of the non-standard options – the hose can fit perfectly in a large old pan, big flower pot, a bucket, a basket, or an automobile tire – in such a container it will be better preserved and will not get tangled under your feet.

One of the best storage solutions is to keep the hose in a water hose storage box, in which the hose was sold. It is better than anything else for storing your hose securely.

Wooden Hitching Post

Some other storage ideas include:

  • The hose can be stored in a tank from an old washing machine.
  • If you attach three old wooden spools to the wall, then the hose can be stored wrapped around them, and you will get an element of garden design.
  • You can also pin an old cylindrical bucket to a wooden pillar, around which a hose wraps. If you are not too lazy, decorate the top of the pillar with a wooden roof, the whole construction will look like a wooden well,
  • Attach a wire basket to the wall, on which the hose is wound.
  • Using a tank with handles mounted to the wall is also convenient. It will provide a place for a hose and will be a good storage place for small items.

Hose Butler

In order for your garden to be attractive and a beautiful corner with an exquisite design, it is enough to use the usual things that surround you in its decorative design. For example, any container or holder that is no longer used for its intended purpose is suitable for a storage of a watering hose.

To store a garden hose, you can use various hose covers, such as decorative hooks and even a conventional bucket, mounted on a wall or fence. In extreme cases, your garden tree is suitable for this purpose.

A necessary attribute in the garden are benches and various platforms in the recreation area. Why not make a bench with a reclining seat, under which you will have some space for garden hoses? To put the garden hose under the platform, it is enough to make a flip cover on the front side.

Keeping a garden hose in a certain place in garden hose storage containers does not cause later inconveniences, related to watering plants or mowing grass on the lawns of your garden.