November 26, 2018 | Lawn Guides

The best lawn care tools for your garden

The best lawn care tools for your garden

Perhaps, you might have already guessed that lawn care tools can’t be narrowed to just a garden hose or lawn mower. Indeed, a lawn care tools list is far richer. Here below you can learn what tools you require to maintain your lawn in a perfect condition.

You need this basic equipment

The given lawn care equipment list includes all the necessary tools you need to always have at hand, as a gardener. The list includes 9 basic tools.

Fertilizer cart

A fertilizer cart gives you an opportunity to spread fertilizers evenly over the plants in your garden. It’s crucial to apply fertilizers in a uniform pattern just to make sure that your plants grow evenly and also to avert damage to your turf from the application of huge amounts of fertilizers.

Stay away from utilizing your fertilizer cart for anything else in your garden. For example, utilizing your fertilizer cart for applying salt to a sidewalk in the winter could have your plants damaged when you employ it in the summer.


When you aerate your lawn you make the soil below your plants less compacted. Thus, you ensure better penetration of water. It’s crucial to get enough water through your plants into the soil in order to maintain proper surge of your lawn.

Make use of a tiny hand aerator. It would be more affordable than renting a large one. What’s more, with this tool, getting into smaller areas of your garden won’t be a problem.

Hand weeder

By means of a hand weeder, you can effectively remove weeds in your lawn without a weed killing product. It averts the chance of unintentionally killing your plants along with any naughty weeds in the middle of your garden. Hand weeders are specially developed to remove both the root and the weed, thus ensuring that the plant will never grow back.

Prices for hand weeding tools greatly vary – $3-$50. You don’t need to purchase an expensive tool if your purpose is just to remove some pesky weeds.


The given tool is the most crucial one you require for your lawn. It’s clear that keeping the plants in your lawn well maintained is important to proper lawn care. That’s also one of the most costly tools you need to buy for your garden. The type of lawn mower you need for your garden needs depends on your lawn size as well as the features required to make the job easier.

Mowers are generally available as electric, reel, gas or battery powered tools. The price of this tool will depend on the power type you intend to use.

You’d better buy a battery operated lawn mower. Such mowers don’t come with electrical cords, and it ensures the most convenient use.

Lawn shears

These tools enable you to trim areas of your garden, which are hard to reach with a mower. Some lawn shears will make you get down on your knees to have your plants trimmed, while others come with longer handles, thus making it real to trim in the standing position.

By the way, lawn shears can be motorized. Being a little more costly, they will greatly simplify your lawn maintenance.

Leaf rake

Leaf rakes differ from garden ones in terms of the size of their tines. Evidently, leaf rake tines are more flexible and longer, enabling you to collect debris from the plants without much effort.

The vast majority of leaf rakes feature handles specially designed to be ergonomically convenient. The handle designs avert back strain while using these tools.


That’s a versatile tool. As a rule, shovels feature blades in a number of shapes, which make removing debris convenient.

You require sharpening your shovel’s blade in order to make your digging jobs convenient. Additionally, you need to ensure that there’s a reliable connection between the handle and the blade.

Watering hose

It’s required to keep your plants healthy. You will require one offering the proper length just to access all areas of your garden, including those unavailable to sprinklers.


Undoubtedly, the whole year long your lawn generates tons of debris, including dead grass and leaves. To effectively transport this unwanted stuff from your garden to the place where it should be you require a simple, but a very effective tool. Of course, it’s a wheelbarrow.

You’d better purchase wheelbarrow with non-pneumatic tires. Such tires never go flat. You don’t need to have them inflated.

Additional must-have lawn tools

Well, we’ve just mentioned the basic tools every gardener needs to have. However, there’re also tools, the availability of which in your inventory will give you an advantage.

Fireman’s nozzle sprayer

On the market there are a lot of hand sprayers for washing your truck, cleaning the grass off the mower, watering plants. However, none of them are as great as the Fireman’s Water Hose Nozzle. If you have dreamt of an actual fireman’s hose, it works the same and shares the same appearance with the original.

Smart irrigation controller

Apparently, smart home technology isn’t narrowed to just devices and indoor appliances. Blossom comes up with a connected lawn irrigation controller capable of accessing real-time, local weather data and utilizing that data to optimize the way your lawn is watered. The personalized plan is built around your location, vegetation as well as weather patterns.

With this controller, you’ll be able to save up to $300 on your water bills. By the way, it’s possible to control your irrigation system by means of a tablet or smartphone.

BurnCage XL

Burning branches or leaves in a 55-gallon drum or in the open air can be a dangerous thing. Flying sparks can do harm while burning leaves spread by the wind can start spontaneous fires. If you are eager to avert these scenarios, you’re bound to purchase a big burn cage. For $460 you can purchase the BurnCage XL. Made of the stainless still, it will never corrode or rust. The device ensures the maximum airflow for a hot fire.