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Buffalo Grass Lawn – Ultimate Choice of New and Experiences Lawn Owners

Buffalo Grass Lawn – Ultimate Choice of New and Experiences Lawn Owners

Simple maintenance is not enough to get a perfect lawn. Originally, you need to seed good grass and only then follow the recommendations as for its care. Buffalo is one of the most popular Australian lawn varieties. The grass type re-emerged in the market due to the wide popularity of Soft Leaf Buffalo cultivars that led to advertising of certain brands of buffalo grass. Initially, Buffalo was a proper type, though it has a range of weak points. Currently, new varieties of the grass have overcome many of them, providing customers with ultimate soft leaf grass, easy to maintain and treat. As a result, a client can take maximum advantage out of luscious soft green lawn that is soft enough to play on or just walk. Besides, the grass is characterized by wear resistance, while proper care will provide a nice lawn.

Peculiarities of Buffalo Grass Lawn Care and Related Issues

The era of soft leaf Buffalo continues, but now without sharp edges. Due to the wide leaf blade being the main feature of Buffalo, the lawn can absorb an increased amount of light required for photosynthesis. Therefore, the grass has to survive considerably less sunlight than other grass types. This feature is one of the reasons why Buffalo grass is purchased by homeowners, whose lawns do not usually get adequate sunlight during the day, as well as whose lawns may be situated in shade.

Another advantage of Buffalo grass is shade tolerance, though it also requires at least some direct sunlight during the day. The thing is as follows: if the area is subject to shade for the major part of the day, probably, it is not the best option for a lawn. You can arrange it as a playground or another place that does not require grass or plants being there.

On the other hand, the constant direct sun can destroy your Buffalo grass lawn. The main reason for this is that Buffalo is characterized by rapid development of thatch, which grows better in full sun. However, when partially in shade, getting an ultimate correlation of sun and shade, Buffalo grass can work well, providing a lush, healthy and green lawn.

As for the necessity of Buffalo Grass Lawn feed, you should always bear this point in mind. The main peculiarity of this grass type is the difference in fertilizers and their use from other counterparts. While specialized fertilizers for Buffalo grass can be both difficult to find and expensive, iron supplements can serve the best replacement.

Buffalo Grass

Considering the grass tolerance to herbicides, you should mind that Buffalo lawn attracts an infinite number of weed poisons that are aimed at the attachment to wide leaf blades, damaging or completely killing the grass. Some herbicides can be 100% effective for weed and safe for grass. Nevertheless, it is inevitable to read the information leaflet before the beginning of the application to prevent unwanted harm to your lawn.

Types of Buffalo Grass Lawn Seeds: Opting for Ultimate Solution Meeting Your Requirements and Preferences

With the development of lawn care service and treatment, new types and variations of Buffalo grass brands have appeared in Australia. Before you buy any grass type, you can learn detailed information about its features and peculiarities. However, to cut a long story short, it is possible to single out the following Buffalo grass types with their characteristics:

  • Common buffalo grass – original grass known for years;
  • Palmetto – the lowest maintenance and highest quality Buffalo counterpart;
  • Sapphire features the highest shade tolerance rate;
  • Matilda is characterized by fast recovery and wear resistance;
  • Sir Walter – a perfect quality all-round grass.

In addition, you can find other alternatives, including ST-85, ST-91, ST-26, Shademaster and other Buffalo grasses.

Palmetto Buffalo

Buffalo Grass Lawn Maintenance: Key Tips and Recommendations

Irrespective of the grass type you have selected, it is vital to know some basic lawn care instructions. Timely mowing, treatment and other maintenance issues are the keys to a good-looking and orderly lawn. Despite Buffalo grass is not very demanding, some of its types require thorough assistance, including feeding, watering, fertilizing and others.

Lawn mowing and trimming is a top issue, which contributes to the overall view of the lawn. If you have ever seen Buffalo Grass Lawn photos, you could notice that the new types of grass are higher than original turf types. To keep the lawn healthy, green and lush, you need to mow the lawn not higher or lower than 30-65 mm. However, the mowing height should be advanced in the shade in order to provide the leaf blade with a sufficient amount of sunlight. The mowing height of Buffalo grass in full sun should be lowered, instead.

Choosing the best lawn mower for buffalo grass is the question of great importance, as quality equipment can help you get a neat lawn, while cheap and poor quality mowers and trimmers can considerably damage the grass, making further growth more complicated.

Generally, up-to-date types of Buffalo grass are not very weedy, though you will sometimes need to fight it. This grass type is ultimately sensitive to weed killers, especially the ones for broadleaf weeds. Instead, you can use some herbicides that contain MCPA and Bromoxynil as the active ingredients, as they are considered to be safe for Buffalo grass.

Overall Information

  • Leaf type – coarse;
  • Type – warm season;
  • Aggressiveness – medium;
  • Traffic tolerance – high;
  • Sun requirements – medium;
  • Shade tolerance – excellent;
  • Varieties – Sir Walter, Sapphire, Matilda, Shademaster, and others.