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How to Choose the Best Lawn Aerator Shoes

How to Choose the Best Lawn Aerator Shoes

Aeration of the lawn is the ventilation of the lawn. This process saturates the soil with oxygen and water, that is, rejuvenates it. If you do not air the soil, then the appearance of the lawn will suffer, there will be bald patches, moss, the lawn will not be resistant to cold and moisture.

The benefits of aeration:

  • With the help of pores that are formed in the lawn, there is further nutrition of the soil. It can be treated with special minerals or watered. Due to uniform pores of the desired size, the nutrients are distributed evenly over the entire surface.
  • Protection of plants. It is proved that in the well-treated soil, there is much less weed grass. In addition to protecting a useful crop, significant time savings are obtained. After all, the lawn does not need to be permanently weeded.

Aeration can be carried out by the following tools:

  • Usual forks;
  • A lawn aerator;
  • Aeration sandals.

Using Forks for Aeration of the Lawn

Aeration of the lawn can be carried out with usual forks. The main thing is for the teeth not to be long. They should be even and made of durable material. Often, they become an indispensable garden tool for piercing lawns planted on heavy soils.

Forks are perpendicularly pounded into the ground and pulled out, making a light rocking, and expanding holes in the lawn. Therefore, forks with stiff, even, and short teeth are needed.

The undoubted advantage of this method is that there is no need to buy a special garden tool, ordinary forks can be found in virtually any farm and their price is not high. The disadvantage is that processing large lawns will take a lot of time and effort.

A Mechanical Lawn Aerator

The mechanical aerator of lawn grass is a special garden tool for piercing the surface of the grass cover by hand so it is often called a manual aerator. Structurally, it is divided into several types, in the form of a piercing or cutting surface.

The first type is distinguished by the presence of cutting discs or alternating piercing and cutting teeth on sprockets. The whole assembly is put on the holder so when rolled on the lawn there would be no need to bend over. Such a garden tool to care for lawn grass not only pierces the soil but also cuts the surface layer of the lawn. It is effective if the grass on the lawn has not been combed out for a long time, forming a dense grassy felt.

The second type of the aerator has the form of a hollow drum or a set of discs with a row of long spikes. The disadvantage of such a tool for aerating the lawn is that the spikes enter and exit from the surface of the ground at an angle.

A common drawback of manual mechanical aerators is the light weight of the garden tool. For quality piercing of the lawn, it is necessary to apply a pressing effort or install an additional load on the holder. Some models are equipped with a special platform for the leg above the rotating elements to provide the necessary force for the puncture.

Do Lawn Aerator Shoes Work?

Sandals for aeration of the lawn look more like a certain addition to the basic footwear or a separate special sole on a convenient fastening. Special sharp spikes with a certain pitch are attached to this soil.

The main task of spike shoes is to make special uniform pores in the soil, through which the nutrients are supplied to the roots of the plants.

The principle of work of aerator shoes is very simple – just put them on your basic shoes, sandals, boots, fasten the straps, and walk on the lawn. Of course, you should not walk randomly, try to tread on a certain place only once, so that the creation of holes was uniform. This is also very important for proper water and air exchange.

The Material of Aerator Shoes

Top lawn aerating shoes, as a rule, are made of two types of material – metal and polymer.

  • Metal shoes are made of an alloy of medium gravity. Of course, you can feel them on your feet. But if the lawn is not big, you won’t feel tired after wearing them. Also, the basic footwear is important, on which you’ll put the aerators on. Of course, in combination with rubber boots, the load on the legs will be high. In the usual sneakers or moccasins, it will be quite comfortable. Do not forget that the foot will fall slightly into the soil due to the spike, and it will have to be pulled out (depth, of course, depends on the weight of the person). But in any case, this is an additional impact.
  • Polymer shoes are made of special materials of synthetic production. The sole itself can be rubberized, for greater comfort. But in any case, it must be rigid, so that the attached spikes clearly enter the ground, and not bend, thereby reducing the benefit of exposure to the lawn.

What to Look for When Choosing Aerator Shoes

Of course, at first pay attention to the very sole of the aerator shoes. It should not bend too much. Besides this, it is necessary to choose your size. Of course, to optimize the process, you want everything to be faster and easier, but shoes a couple of sizes larger, on the contrary, will slow down the aeration because they will be very inconvenient to use.

Also, a convenient clasp is very important. Straps should be strong, woven, best of synthetic material of nonsmoothed fibers so that they are well attached to shoes.

One more thing you need to pay attention to is the spikes. They should be applied evenly, be very stiff and sharp so that the more dried pieces of soil that can come across won’t break and damage them.

When choosing the brand of aerator shoes, it’s recommended to read multiple reviews online to know all the advantages and disadvantages, and only then you can purchase your aerator shoes.