April 03, 2018 | Power Equipment & Tools Reviews

How to Choose the Best Lawn Sweeper

How to Choose the Best Lawn Sweeper

Maintenance of adjacent territories on small private farms or small commercial facilities in cleanliness is one of the main permanent tasks. The age of hand tools for yard works has been left behind – today, lawn sweepers help you cope with this task. These are special machines equipped with rotating brushes, intended for cleaning not only smooth surfaces (finished floors or garden paths) but also common ground (lawns, row spacing). Quite high performance (depending on the specific model) makes it possible to process large areas of adjacent territories in short periods of time.

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Who Will Benefit the Most from Having a Lawn Sweeper?

First of all, owners of country houses and garden plots, as well as administrative bodies of small commercial facilities (covered markets, office centers, small warehouses, etc.) will need to have lawn sweepers that will help them keep the inner and adjacent territories in constant care. A yard sweeper will significantly improve the quality of cleaning, as well as reduce the time spent on it.

Classification of Sweepers

Conditionally, all sweepers can be divided into three main types:

  • Mechanical or manual (sweeper) – a feature of these machines is that the rotation of the brushes is provided by transferring the torque from the wheels along the belt drive system. The operator pushes the lawn sweeper, as a result of which this rotation occurs. This is an ecologically clean and non-volatile variant for cleaning small areas: small yards, garden paths, and small warehouses.
  • Electric sweepers – they are more often used for internal cleaning of covered markets, commercial and shopping centers, but are also suitable for cleaning adjacent territories. The main advantage is the absence of exhaust, which makes them suitable for indoor work in enclosed spaces.
  • Gasoline sweepers are used where higher productivity is required. The rotation of the brushes, like the movement of the machine, is ensured by the thrust of the internal combustion engine, which gives greater productivity, increases the cleaning speed, and makes the yard work easier.

Also, sweepers can be classified according to the types of brushes installed.

  • Side brushes – their rotation is carried out around vertical axes. Often, they are installed on the sides of the machine. Two modes of operation can be provided: the grip mode when the brushes take the garbage inwards to the center of the machine, from where it gets into the storage tank or bag, and also the reverse mode when the brushes flash outwards from the center, the machine simply sweeps the garbage aside (convenient for cleaning snow from the tracks).
  • Rotor brushes – their rotation is carried out around the horizontal axes. Often this is one, rarely two (with a large width of the grip) brushes. Here, as in the case of side brushes, two operating modes can be provided. If there is a storage tank or bag, the garbage will be collected in them.

Guidelines for Choosing a Sweeper

In order to properly select a leaf sweeper, you must first determine your needs. The following things are taken into account:

  • Total area allocated for servicing by the machine.
  • Type of covering (smooth floor, sidewalk tile, soil or lawn).
  • The intensity of the cleaning – constant or periodic.

When choosing a sweeper, you should also pay attention to the following characteristics.

  • Machine type – mechanical or motor. With a large amount of work, a mechanical sweeper will be useless as using it for the cleaning will take too much time. At the same time, the use of only electric models is permissible on the premises.
  • Performance – on average, it can be 2–10 thousand square meters per hour, depending on engine power and working width.
  • The width of the grip and the type of brushes – this determines the performance indicators, methods of harvesting. Tougher brushes are designed for cleaning rough surfaces and collecting larger debris. Soft brushes are the best solution for cleaning smooth and finished floors.

Also, sweepers can be equipped with additional attachments, such as protective aprons, snow blades for winter cleaning, water spray or detergent to improve the quality of cleaning and prevent excessive dust formation, larger tanks or bags for garbage collection.

The Review of Tow Behind Lawn Sweepers and Other Models

These lawn sweeper reviews of 2018 will help you select the machine that will help you take care of all your yard needs more easily. You can purchase any of these sweepers at the Tractor Supply store.

Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper from Agri-Fab

The Agri-Fab 45-0492 is considered one of the best machines available today. You don’t even have to get up from your seat when operating this sweeper. It’s equipped with solid brushes that clean away grass clippings, leaves, cones, and other debris very fast. You can easily fold up this sweeper without applying additional tools, which won’t occupy a lot of storage space.

Agrifab Lawn Sweeper

Sweeper from John Deere

The John Deere 24 has resistant brushes that gather all the debris and make the territory clean after the first application. It has a path of sweeping of 42 inches and a big hamper. You can easily store it either in the upright position or by hanging it.

John Deere Lawn Swepeer Image

Sweeper from Ohio Steel

This heavy-duty lawn sweeper from Ohio Steel (42SWP22) has a collector bag that makes the lawn care efficient and fast. You can empty the bag by pulling the rope while seating on the tractor. The machine has a wide sweeping path of 42 inches.

Ohtio Steel Lawn Sweeper

Sweeper from Brinly

This pull behind sweeper from Brinly (STS-42LXH) is a high-performance machine that sweeps most of the debris. The bag made of fabric can hold 20 cubic feet of lawn stuff. The brushes always rotate to gather the stuff, even when the machine is turning. Using a T-handle you can empty the bag without getting up from your seat.

Brinly STS-42LXH

Push Sweeper from Agri-Fab

This sweeper from Agri-Fab (45-0218) is a light machine that can be easily pushed. It’s possible to set the height on the sweeper. The collecting bag has a capacity of 7 cubic feet. The machine can be easily stored without occupying too much space.

Agri-Fab 45-0218 Sweeper

Proper Use of Equipment

In order for the sweeping machine to cope with the tasks assigned to it, served long and regularly, it is necessary to use it correctly. Do not overload the machine – strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Choose a tool in accordance with the objective reality – its productivity should be enough to clean a specific area of adjacent territories.

If it is planned to clean the garden, the machine should be designed to collect large solid debris or rocks, as well as soil lumps. Otherwise, the brushes will quickly wear out or the engine will fail. In winter, it is better not to use the technique to clean the snow or ice – sweepers are not designed for this, as a rule, they effectively remove the loose snow up to 15 cm deep.

Also, the timely maintenance of motor models is of great importance. This includes the planned replacement of technical fluids and the use of high-quality fuel without additives of doubtful origin. Reduction of the efficiency of the machine can be associated with the wear of brushes. The problem is solved by their replacement.