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Choosing the Best Brush Cutter for 2018

Choosing the Best Brush Cutter for 2018

The ornamental shrubs are the element without which a modern garden cannot be imagined. They perform many functions – they are an excellent background for flowers, they play the role of hedges, and they also help create spectacular figures on the lawn. But in order for the bushes to really make the garden look nice, they need to be cared for and periodically given the right shape. And this process will become much easier when using a brush cutter. Below, we’ll talk about the features of use, types, as well as how to choose the best brush mower for your garden.

A brush cutter is a special garden tool that is used to give the shrubs and trees the desired shape. To date, manufacturers offer a wide range of such tools so that it is quite difficult to choose the most suitable option for specific needs. It is worth to buy this professional tool it if you want your garden to look nice.

Why is a brush cutter the best choice for a summer residence?

If you do not have an even, in all respects, lawn but you need to deal with thickets then the wheel lawn mower will not suit you. In the country, where there is a garden, usually, the surface of the site is far from smooth. A cutter, in this case, is the ideal option for mowing lawn. And here is why:

  • It is very convenient for mowing narrow sections between flower beds and along paths;
  • It is perfect for mowing along the fence and narrow apertures;
  • It is agile and easy to manage;
  • It is easy to transfer from place to place.

Of course, if you need to mow out large areas or do not want to waste time, you can buy a lawnmower robot that will independently control weed growth. But such a device, though it is quite convenient, cannot cope with very bumpy surfaces.

A brush cutter is the best tool for hard-to-reach places where the lawn mower will not reach. In addition, using a device with a cord, do not be afraid to mow directly along the fence or building as the blade can’t break. The line will only be slightly faster consumed in a collision with solid objects.

But what cutter is better to buy, a gasoline or electric one? And with what arrangement of the engine, top or bottom? Consider the details and choose the best tool for working in the garden.

How to choose a cutter, depending on the type of power supply

To enjoy mowing in the garden and not consider this process a hard work, it is advisable to choose the best cutter. Cutters are a pipe made of aluminum with a motor attached to it.

The cutting element is a fishing line or blade on the torque, which is protected by a special flap. A reel with a cord can be easily changed. When the line gets dull, it can be lengthened by pressing on the ground or with a special button.

Start the selection with the type of device.

Brush cutters are divided according to the type of power supply:

  • Mechanical
  • Cordless
  • Electric
  • Gasoline

Each type is good in its own way. Pay attention to the features to choose the one that is best for you.

Mechanical brush cutters

Mechanical brush cutters are the simplest, light, and therefore inexpensive. A hand-held brush wacker is somewhat like garden shears with long handles, due to which the force at the cutting site increases by several times. Such models are the most unpretentious in maintenance due to their simple design.

Cordless cutters

Models that run on batteries are not common among cutters. This can be explained by the fact that powerful batteries are very expensive and weigh a lot.

Of course, such devices are very interesting. They are convenient due to their autonomy and independence from fuel. However, the battery can suddenly die and it will take some time to recharge. In addition, such devices are not very powerful, which means they cannot cut bushes or shoots. A cordless brush cutter is ideal for working in the garden if you do not need to mow down huge areas.

Cordless brush cutter

Electric cutters

When choosing an electric or gasoline cutter, consider how far the territory is located. If you don’t mind buying an extension cord, and it will be enough, then the electric version will be more profitable, albeit less convenient. There’ll be no need to buy fuel but you’ll have to constantly monitor the cor so as not to take it out.

Electric Brush Cutter

The main advantages of electric cutters:

  • There is no need to refuel or purchase expensive fuel
  • Less weight than gasoline cutters
  • A large selection of models
  • A set of cutting attachments

If you choose a cheap model of the device, then its power, as a rule, is very small. Therefore, such a device will quickly overheat, and it should be turned off every 10–15 minutes, which is very unpleasant. So, do not buy the cheapest device in order to save. But if the area is small, it is not necessary to overpay.

It is very important to consider that cutters with a weak engine cannot cope with pruning bushes and can’t be used for small trees, even if it is declared so by the manufacturer. Also, there may be problems with thick stems of weeds. The engine will quickly overheat and may burn.

Also, note that the electric cutter can’t be used to mow at high humidity or shallow rain since water can cause a short circuit.

Gasoline cutters

Perhaps, this is the most popular kind of cutters among owners of summer cottages and gardens. It is also a favorite tool of landscapers, which can often be found on the streets of the city. The gasoline cutter has its advantages, such as:

  • Excellent mobility and maneuverability
  • Good power
  • Practicality

However, there are some drawbacks as well:

  • Expensive fuel
  • Loud noise during operation
  • Fumes
  • Considerable weight

Gasoline Brush Cutter

A gasoline walk behind brush cutter can be both standard and professional. Standard household models are characterized by low power and low price. They go in a minimal package and a little lighter. A commercial brush cutter is equipped with a more powerful engine and has all necessary things for cutting plants with a diameter of up to 1.5 centimeters.

A brush cutter is the best option for large amounts of work and processing of huge areas. Therefore, if you are going to mow a rather big field, choose a gasoline model.

When buying a cutter, consider a model with a four-stroke engine since this will eliminate the need to prepare a special mixture, which you need to fill the cutter with. It is prepared in a strict proportion of oil and 92 gasoline. And if the ratio is constantly violated, this will lead to the damage of the tool.

How to choose an electric brush cutter, depending on the location of the engine

The motor in the cutter can be located at the top or bottom:

  • Inexpensive models with low power are equipped with the engine in the lower position. The convenience of this approach is that if it starts to rain, moisture will not penetrate the engine. The disadvantage is poor cooling and insufficient protection of the engine from damage. A good example of the engine at the bottom is Stihl FSE81.
  • Cutters with an engine at the top are more practical. They have more power since they cool well. In addition, they are more convenient to handle, as the weight of the engine is distributed much better.

How to choose a cutting tool for gas brush cutter

Low-power and low-cost devices can only work with a fishing line which is also called a cord. But more expensive devices, designed not only for grass, are equipped with a bar with steel blades and a special cutter.

A fishing line

A fishing line can be of different diameters – from 1.2 to 4 millimeters. Use only the one that is intended for your tool, and this should be indicated in the instructions. If you take a fishing line of greater thickness or smaller, the wear of the bushes will double, and replacing them is quite difficult.

Many people consider the cross-section of the line an ordinary pattern, however, this is not so. The pattern in the form of an asterisk or a polygon is rather a memorable designation. So, the following types of the cord are common:

  • The circle is universal, suitable for grass, and for dry stems of burdock
  • The square is better for thick stems and stubborn plants
  • The asterisk is the softest and perfect for the lawn so that it can quickly recover

A variety of types of cutting line will help choose the one that is suitable for mowing the lawn in your garden.

Knives and blades

Surely you noticed that some models of cutters are sold generally without a cord bit. Such a heavy duty weed eater is designed for infrequent work, for example, when you occasionally cut the plot in the country. In this case, the line will not work because it will get tangled in the long grass. For this task, the best solution will be a steel, well-sharpened knife. In order to cut dry branches of raspberry or stubble weeds, it is best to take a nozzle with plastic blades.

But the knives are not a reason to refuse the cord since they are bad for a hilly terrain or a territory under a fence, where there may be glass or stone. The cutters have a protective casing but a solid object can still fly out from under it when it comes into contact with the metal.

The number of blades on the knife influences whether the cutter will cope with thick stems and thick grass. However, this option is too finely cut the grass so it is not suitable for harvesting hay.

Top 5 brush cutters to choose from

Here is the list of top 5 brush cutters you can choose from.

#1 Husqvarna 128LD

This model has interchangeable heads and a powerful engine. It is not heavy and easy to use around the garden. It is not very loud, which is good for your ears during long hours of work.

Husqvarna 128LD Brush Cutter


  • Well-balanced
  • Stable construction
  • Low vibration
  • Quite


  • There is a plastic that can break
  • The oil may leak if the cutter is not stored upright

#2 Remington RM2700

Remigton RM2700

This is a versatile tool that goes with a kit that can transform the cutter into various useful garden instruments.


  • Powerful engine
  • Many various attachments
  • A supportive shoulder strap


  • Heavy
  • There is a plastic part that can break
  • Requires changing attachments, which may be difficult

#3 Timberpro 52CC

Timberpro 52CC Brush Cutter

This cutter has a strong engine. It goes with three removable cutting heads. There are two handles, which make it easy to operate the tool.


  • Very powerful
  • Many attachments
  • Suitable for commercial purposes


  • Heavy
  • Bulky

#4 Troy-Bilt TB42

This brush cutter works on gas and has 10 different heads to cut anything. It also has a very powerful engine.
Troybilt TB42


  • Many removable heads
  • Good power
  • Grass doesn’t wind around the shaft


  • Heavy
  • The shaft made of steel could be stronger

#5 Husqvarna 223R

Husqvarna 223R Brush Cutter

The brush cutter has two handles and includes a fast start system. It is one of the lighter cutters with a powerful engine. The cutter can be used for various cutting needs in the garden.


  • Shaft made of strong steel
  • Works for 2,5 hours
  • Removable string head and blade


  • Some parts can be hard to replace in case of a breakdown

What else to look for when choosing a cutter?

The most important thing in using a hand tool is convenience. When you do not feel stress while using the cutter, then mowing a lawn, even a large one, will bring only pleasure. For this you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Whether the device rod is curved or straight
  • What device is used to ease the burden on the hands

The metal rod is the connecting element between the engine and the cutting part. Inside it rotates the shaft. When the bar is straight, it is more reliable and durable, but less comfortable and maneuverable than the curved one. If you want to process a flat area or a local lawn, it’s better to use the straight rod, while the curved one will be good and in a hilly area of gardens. It is preferable to buy a cutter with a collapsible rod since it is easier to store.

It is very important to consider which device is included with the cutter. Basically, models are equipped with one of the following unloads:

  • The belt is the simplest version on one shoulder. Not very suitable for mowing in large areas.
  • A double strap – immediately on two shoulders. Slightly softens the load but is not recommended when using powerful devices
  • Suspension in the form of a knapsack with a belt is an excellent device. Weight and load when walking are distributed to the whole body, the back does not get tired at all, and the level of vibration that returns to the hand decreases.

Choose the device most convenient for you, as it affects whether or not you will enjoy the work in the garden.