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Choosing the Best Lawn Roller

Choosing the Best Lawn Roller

The quality of the lawn largely depends on how thoroughly the site is prepared for it. Preliminary works begin with the cleaning of construction and household garbage, which cannot be buried, otherwise, the grass will lag behind in growth and stand out against the general background. At the next stage, the site is thoroughly weeded and treated with herbicides.

After this, you need to take care of the drainage layer, which will not allow water to stagnate under the lawn after abundant watering or heavy downpours. This is where it will be difficult to do without a push lawn roller because after removing the layer of fertile soil, you’ll have to thoroughly ram a layer of crushed stone, then a layer of sand, and a layer of fertile soil.

The following works are performed by the roller:

  • Removing irregularities on the surface of the lawn and eliminating soil subsidence in the future. On a level site, it is convenient to use a lawnmower, its blades will not get dull for a long time. A lawn will become safe for children because there will be no bumps.
  • Pressing the lawn to the ground, then it grows faster.
  • Rolling the lawn with a roller after mowing and mulching.
  • Destroying a thin layer of ice formed in the early spring on the lawn.
  • Removing irregularities in the repaired areas of the lawn.
  • Apply for sealing garden paths made of gravel or other material.

Varieties of the Lawn Rollers

The rollers can be of the following kinds:

  • A mechanical roller. They are used when there is a large area allocated for the lawn
  • A manual small roller. These rollers are the most popular. They are used in relatively small areas.

Manual rollers can be filled with:

  • Water
  • Sand

There are also other parameters to keep in mind:

  • The weight of many models is regulated and is 50–120 kg.
  • The width varies from 60 inches to 72 inches.
  • There are sometimes spikes that allow aeration of the lawn soil.

Buying a Roller

If you decided to buy a lawn roller, go to a specialized store. When choosing a roller, keep in mind the following details:

  • The size of the plot;
  • Type of soil;
  • Quality of the material and its thickness;
  • Internal fillers of the roller. In this case, both water and sand are reliable;
  • How much money you’re ready to spend.

There are many offers because the rollers are produced by domestic and well-known foreign companies.

A Large Lawn Roller Review by Haemmerlin

Haemmerlin Lawn Roller

Haemmerlin Lawn Roller is produced in France. It is designed for a small yard because it has a lightweight and a relatively modest size:

  • It weighs up to 10 kg
  • A diameter of the roller is 12.5 inches
  • The width is 19.3 inches
  • The cylinder is made of high-quality durable metal
  • Inside, water or sand is poured or sand.


  • Simplicity in operation
  • Reliability
  • Durability

A Lawn Roller AL-KO GW 50

Al-ko GW 50 Lawn Roller
This lawn roller is produced by the Austrian company AL-KO. Its characteristics include:

  • 11.8 inches in diameter;
  • The width is 19.6 inches;
  • When empty, it weighs 13 kg;
  • With water, the weight increases to 75 kg;
  • With sand, it has a maximum weight of 120 kg;
  • The material used is high-quality steel with corrosion-resistant coating;
  • There is a hole where sand is poured.

Mechanical Rollers

If you own a lawn of a large area and you have a garden tractor, then you need a suitable roller.

MTD Roller 35 Inches

MTD Agri-fab roller

This roller can perform all the same work as the manual roller. It differs with greater productivity and higher price. Its features include:

  • This is a push roller
  • The hull of the roller is made of polyethylene
  • It can be attached to any tractor-lawn mower
  • You can add weight to it by adding water through the opening available on the roller
  • A diameter is 18 inches
  • The width is 36 inches
  • Without water, it weighs only 18 kg, and when filled, the weight increases to 182 kg

A Homemade Lawn Roller

A lawn roller can also be made by yourself. There is always a round empty container in the garden. In extreme cases, a heavy log will do, and if you use an asbestos-cement or steel pipe to make a roller, it will last for a long time.

A Roller from a Pipe

Follow these steps to make a roller from a pipe:

  • Take a piece of pipe that suits you in length and diameter.
  • Insert a piece of pipe, the diameter of which is a few times smaller, in the middle.
  • Fill the space between the pipes with concrete.
  • Pass the metal rod into a pipe of a smaller diameter.
  • Attach a comfortable handle. The roller is ready. It is quite heavy and can be used as a heavy-duty lawn roller.

Using a Log to Make a Roller

A roller made of logs is the simplest version. It is only problematic to find a suitable log because a number of requirements are presented to it:

  • Its surface must be perfectly even and smooth
  • The density of wood should be high and the diameter should be large
  • The length should not be more than 39 inches
  • The weight of at least 50 kg

A Very Simple Option

Bottles made of plastic often help out in different situations. The case with the manufacture of the lawn roller is no exception. So, to make a roller from a plastic bottle, follow these steps:

  • Take two large plastic bottles of at least 19 liters
  • Join the bottoms and fasten very firmly
  • Fill the bottle with sand or water
  • Tie a rope to the bottles. That’s it, you can work now

General Tips for Using the Roller

Follow these tips when using the roller:

  • Carefully follow the rolling technology, otherwise, the lawn will be irretrievably damaged.
  • Use the roller to eliminate only small irregularities – for the rest, it is better to use a shovel or rake.
  • When leveling the lawn in spring, make sure that the soil is sufficiently wet, but the grass is not.
  • Before rolling the finished lawn, once again make sure that it does not hit any garbage or stones.

If you follow all of the above, you will enjoy the fluffy green carpet under your window from early spring till the snow appears.