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Choosing the Best Leaf Scoops 2018

Choosing the Best Leaf Scoops 2018

Any gardener or an owner of a country house knows how important it is to have a strong, quality rake in the arsenal of garden tools. This tool greatly facilitates the process of soil cultivation and helps keep the site clean.

Let’s look at the different types of garden rakes, what they are designed for, and what you should pay attention to when choosing a tool for your garden.

There is no a worthy alternative to a rake. The rake performs various functions, the main of which is loosening the soil and cleaning the site from fallen leaves, dry grass, and weeds.

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How to choose leaf scoops

Choosing the right kind of a leaf scoop will make it easier for you to take care of the garden and get the most out of them. When buying a scoop, pay attention to the following:

  • How easy it is to use the scoop
  • If they protect your hands
  • If you can compactly store them

Another things that may influence your choice is the color and if they are resistant to ultraviolet light.

Today, many prefer to buy lightweight tools that will be very convenient to use. This parameter has a rake in which the stem and working part are made of hardened aluminum (the weight of aluminum rake is about 800 grams).

Rake nozzles are also made of particularly durable plastic – this allows you to further reduce the weight of the equipment.

Amazing Rake

Amazing Rake
With these amazing, lightweight, and ergonomic rakes from Amazing Rake, you no longer need to bend again and again to clean the fallen leaves from the lawn. Indeed, there are three tools in one: a rake, a picker, and a scoop. They are undeniably ergonomic and light, weighing only 2.5 pounds. The amazing rake is strong enough to cope with raw leaves. The approximate cost is $ 39.99.

Gardex Original

Gardex Original Rake

This hand leaf rake is made of high-impact plastic. Giant scoops-grapples from Gardex are so large that they pick up large bundles of grass, remove fallen leaves, and debris from the lawn. Storage is not difficult due to the available openings. The approximate cost is $ 7.99.

Ettore Grip ‘n Grab

Ettore Grip‘n Grab Rake

The pickup equipment from Ettore is a simple tool for grabbing waste and debris, reducing the burden on the back. The tool allows you to easily and conveniently grab garbage and leaves without having to bend. The leaves pinned on a stainless-steel rod can be easily removed by simply pressing a button.

The presence of the grip and tucking function in one tool allows you to do without spare parts. A metal scraper on the top grip handle provides practical separation of debris, for example, adhering leaves. The presence of a rotating and adjustable handle allows you to use the grip in almost any situation. It is a reliable and durable assistant in the garden, which is also suitable for left-handers. The approximate price is $35.

Garden grabber rake by Canadian Tire

Yard Leaf Scoops

These leaf claws are an ingenious invention for a garden. They are made in the form of rakes of unusual design with a mechanism that opens and closes the circular teeth. So, you can use a rake like a grab and a bag to harvest the fallen leaves, without bending and dipping your hands. The approximate price is $45.99.

Poly leaf rake with cushion grip

Poly leaf rake with cushin grip

Thanks to a wide, adjustable head, these rakes effectively remove the leaves both wet and dry. There are made in America. The tool has a soft holder and weighs only 2.25 kg, which makes it lightweight and easy to use throughout the autumn season. The approximate price is $35.90.

The main criteria for choosing a quality rake

In order to choose the best leaf grabbers, keep in mind the following:

  • The material of manufacture in many respects defines weight and durability of rakes. Metal rakes are indispensable for the treatment of soil, while plastic and wood are more effective when harvesting dry leaves and grass.
  • If it is planned that more than one person will use the rake, then models with a sliding handle should be preferred – this will allow regulating the length of the cuttings.
  • In specialized stores, you can get a quality certificate confirming rake material (the most durable scoops are made of steel while the plastic scoops are the most convenient to use).
  • When buying rake-transformers, special attention should be given to the fastening mechanism – it must be reliable and convenient to use.
  • The choice of the width of capture depends on the area of the garden plot and the distance between the plants.