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How to Choose Best Affordable Riding Lawn Mowers for Your Money

How to Choose Best Affordable Riding Lawn Mowers for Your Money

The desire to acquire a garden tractor does not appear from anywhere. In the garden or just on the lawn in front of the house, there is always a task that will be more comfortable to perform, sitting in a comfortable chair.

Riding lawn mowers can prove to be an indispensable assistant in all spheres of farming or in your own yard.

When choosing a riding lawn mower, the main criterion to pay attention to is the surface area that must be mowed. Machines with one blade and a cutting width of 63–77 cm are suitable for areas of 15–30 hectares (1,500–3,000 square meters). On a plot of up to 40 acres, devices with two blades and a cutting width of 84–122 cm will be a better option. For large yard and areas, it is worth to buy a lawn mower with three blades and a mowing width of more than 100 cm.

If there are many obstacles in the large garden on the lawn that can hinder the mowing process – small architectural forms, trees, shrubs or flower beds, it is better to choose a lawn mower with a small width of the cutting mechanism that perfectly maneuvers between obstacles.

Mowing System When Choosing the Most Economical Lawn Mower

Take into account whether the mowing system should collect grass in a grass catcher (small areas where the grass is often mowed) or have a so-called lateral or rear discharge of grass leaving the mown grass on the lawn (large areas that are mowed rarely). Another option is a lawn mower with a mulching function (large areas that are often mowed).

Riding Lawn Mower

Type and Engine Power

In small gardens with a flat surface, a single-cylinder gasoline engine is enough. To work on large areas with different slopes and on sites that are mowed rarely, it is worth using devices with a powerful two-cylinder engine and a large fuel tank. The gearbox is also important.

A tractor with a manual gearbox requires driver intervention in order to change the speed. A tractor with a hydrostatic gearbox is much easier to operate because it allows you to adjust the speed infinitely with the help of pedals for moving forward and backward. It is recommended to use hydrostatic gear in gardens with a lot of obstacles. In addition, it is much more reliable than the manual one.

Engine of John Deere Mower

Before buying a lawn mower or mini tractor, you need to decide whether it will perform other functions or it will only be used to mow the lawn. It’s worth checking if there will be an opportunity to use the devices you need. There is a whole set of them:

  • A device for collecting grass and leaves;
  • A roller filled with water;
  • A gear harrow;
  • An aerator;
  • A seeder;
  • A trailer;
  • A deflector for spreading the mowed grass over the lawn;
  • A plowshare and a rotary plow for snow removal;
  • A brush for cleaning the paths in the yard.

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Mower

Making a choice, it is worthwhile to be guided by best rated electric riding lawn mower reviews and by several basic aspects that can differ in different mowers.

  • Reliability. A mini-tractor will be operated on large areas and in different weather conditions – not only in summer but also in winter. Therefore, the quality of the engine, as well as the corrosion resistance of the chassis and the hull, is important. Built-in hour meter reminds of the need for service and scheduled inspections.
  • Ergonomics. The seat should be set so that it is comfortable – approximately the same as on a chair. It is also desirable to be able to adjust the position of the seat and steering wheel. All kinds of levers and devices for control should be located at arm’s length.
  • Security. The suspension should be stable and well balanced. The hinged control system, four-wheel drive or the swinging axle of the drive wheels ensure the stability of the lawn mower or mini-tractor on an uneven, wet, and slippery ground. It is also advisable to have an emergency switch that stops the machine and the blades when the driver leaves the seat. Built-in reflectors provide the possibility of safe operation at dusk, and the power steering facilitates the control of the unit.

What Is the Best Riding Lawn Mower for Slopes?

When choosing the best brand small tractor mower, the choice should be based on the technical characteristics of the power unit, the dimensions of the garden tractor, its properties as a lawn mower, and the ability to complement the functionality of the body kit from the manufacturer in the form of trailed and mounted attachments.

Technical characteristics include:

  • Type of fuel;
  • Engine power, rated power at working rpm;
  • Type of transmission;
  • Weight of the model in the base configuration;
  • Wheelbase;
  • Type of ignition;
  • Method of control;

In terms of dimensions, special attention should be paid to the size of the wheelbase, the dimensions of the basic model of the tractor with a standard body kit, and the width of the lawn mower’s coverage.

This information can be viewed on any website of the online store where you plan to purchase a garden tractor. It is necessary to go through the manufacturer’s website and find out the complete set of additional equipment, with which this tractor can work, and also determine what type of binding and attachment is used for the hinged and trailed equipment.

There is a huge range of riding lawn mowers to choose from but the most popular brands of 2018 are MTD, Craftsman, Husqvarna, McCulloch, and John Deere.

MTD – Best Lawn Mowers for Steep Hills

MTD is a company with nearly a century of history from the city of Cleveland, Ohio. It began production of garden and park equipment, including tractors from the middle of the last century.

MTD Lawn Mower

Buyers have the opportunity to purchase a quality garden tractor for the American or European assembly.

There are models of three brands of MTD on the market:

  • Bolens MTD;
  • Yard Machines;
  • MTD Gold.

Garden Mower MTD LN 200 H

MTD Ln 200 H Lawn Mower

This is one of the top lawn tractors and mowers. It is a universal machine for homestead farming, lawn area, and private house. This lawn mower can become an indispensable assistant on any plot. Depending on the needs of the owner, it can be equipped with a variety of attachments for the transport of goods, cleaning of ice and snow, as well as cleaning various surfaces from dirt and dust with a rotary brush. The machine performs the whole range of works taking care of the garden plot.

Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers

Craftsman is one of the largest retail chains in the US, which has representative offices in many countries around the world. A huge assortment of garden tractors has models assembled in one of thirty plants around the world. The brand offers the best ratio of money and quality.

Craftsman Garden Tractor 917.276380

This is the best rated cheap riding mower under $2,000. It has a powerful engine that helps you easily look after your garden and keep it in a great condition. The engine can pull various attachments without showing any effort at all. You will also get a huge disc harrow and a front-end load scoop with a 200-pound capacity.

Craftsman Garden Tractor

Husqvarna – 42 Inch Riding Mowers

This is a Swedish company, which is the leader in the production of landscape gardening equipment, lawn mowers, chainsaws, and a number of other industrial products. The group includes even the oldest arms factory in Europe.

As for garden tractors, the assortment includes models of three series that are different in the assembly, dimensions, and power.

However, they all perfectly perform the role of lawn mowers and can be supplied with the complete set of additional body kit in the form of trails and attachments.

Husqvarna YTA18542

Husqvarna YTA 18542

This is arguably the best ride on mower for slopes. It is compact but very powerful. It can mow around 2.5 acres of grass in an hour. Here you get the following:

  • 18.5 horsepower
  • Automatic transmission
  • 42 inches of deck length
  • 2.5 gallons of tank capacity

McCulloch Lawn Mowers under $5,000

The success of the American company is largely due to a number of innovations that have been introduced over the past half-century.

Garden tractors and lawn mowers are also of great importance to the company. They absorbed the tradition of creating high-quality and trouble-free equipment.

Garden Tractor McCulloch M125-97T

McCulloch M125 97T Mower

The McCulloch M125-97T garden tractor, with a capacity of 6 kW is perfect for works in medium sized areas. The machine is compact and easy to operate thanks to the new CVT transmission, controlled by pedals, infinitely variable speed control, and automatic brakes. Cutting width is 97 cm. There is a lateral discharge of grass.

John Deere – Best Small Mower for 1, 2, 3 Acre Garden

John Deere is the largest producer of agricultural machinery in the world. The company is famous for the production of small-sized garden machines that are ideal for work in confined spaces, with all basic functions available to the tractors and they are able to work with a wide range of different tools.

John Deere 3R Series Lawn Mowers

Models of the 3E and 3R series are aggregated by engines from 32 to 46 horsepower, certified in accordance with the requirements of Final Tier 4 and working in conjunction with hydrostatic transmission Twin Touch, providing comfortable foot control of the two pedals.

John Deere 3R Series

As an option, the Power Reverser transmission is offered for the 3033R and 3039R models, allowing instead of using the clutch, choose the range and gear, and use the manual lever to change the direction of travel.