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Choosing the Best Weed Killer Sprayer for Lawn

Choosing the Best Weed Killer Sprayer for Lawn

Without a regular fight against diseases and pests of the garden, you cannot expect a good harvest.

It is very difficult to perform this type of work manually so sprayers come to the rescue of gardeners. They are designed to create an overpressure, by means of which a fine dispersion of liquid on plants occurs.

Thanks to the airless garden sprayer, the active substance penetrates into the most inaccessible places and is reliably kept on the leaves. In addition to performing its direct function, the garden sprayer can be used to bleach walls and wash the car, which significantly increases the benefit from its purchase.

Two decades ago the choice of a garden sprayer was quite simple since no more than two or three models of hand-held devices were presented on the market. Today, the list of manufacturing companies has increased in many times, and engineering has seriously improved their design.

Let’s talk in more detail about what kinds of garden sprayers are better for working with plants and what you should pay attention to when buying them. In addiction, we also wrote an article on choosing affordable lawn fertilizer – 5 Best Lawn Fertilizer for Your Garden (it will open in a new window).

How to choose a high-pressure garden sprayer?

At first glance, it may seem that all sprayers are the same and the main difference between them is different volumes of tanks (from 0.5 to 21 gallons). Small sprayers (0.5–1 gallon) are optimal for working in greenhouses. Medium devices (1.3–2.6 gallons) and large (5.2–21 gallons) are designed for processing of garden trees and garden.

When choosing the best garden sprayer, it is necessary to take into account the functionality of the purchased equipment, its direct purpose, convenience, and safety of use. But it will also be right to pay attention to the spaciousness, the carrying system, the length of the retractable rod, and so on.

Top rated manual pump-up sprayer: simple and cheap

For the treatment of seedlings and vegetables grown in the greenhouse, as well as small flower beds, one or two fruit trees, a hand sprayer is the most suitable. This simplest device is a small plastic container, equipped with a lid with a built-in pump. The pump is necessary in order to manually pump the necessary pressure level inside the container, under the influence of which the liquid solution is sprayed after pressing the button or a special lever provided on the handle.

Manual models of garden sprayers can be easily held in the hand since their volume does not exceed 1 gallon. You can purchase devices, the volume of which is even less than one gallon. All models of hand sprayers are equipped with a filter that prevents clogging of the nozzle and a safety valve that allows you to drain excess air.

The scale applied to the vessel body simplifies the process of controlling the flow rate of the solution. The flow of liquid is regulated by the nozzle, due to which it is possible to organize fine-dispersed spraying or direct a powerful jet of the solution to the processing object.

Pump models of sprayers on the belt

For the processing of large areas, it is worth to buy a pump-type garden sprayer, the capacity of which varies from 1 to 3 gallons. To facilitate carrying the device around the site, the manufacturer supplies these models with special belts. The pump, which is also integrated into the sprayer cover, allows a pressure of 3–4 atmospheres to be created in the tank. The design of this equipment provides for a 1.5-meter hose, to which a handle and a bar with a nozzle-tip are attached. The length of the bar can be from 1 to 3 meters.

The process of spraying the liquid is controlled by a button or lever located on the handle. In some models, the position of the button is fixed, which allows spraying the herbicides for a long time. When the pressure in the tank falls, air is pumped with a pump. Then proceed to further spray the prepared solution.

A hose sprayer with 3-gallon containers is in demand among gardeners since they allow processing up to 30 hectares of land. When choosing a garden sprayer, you should pay attention to the products of Husqvarna.

Here is a helpful video on how to use pump sprayers:

Features of the design of backpack garden sprayers

The processing of plots of up to 50 acres is best done with a backpack garden sprayer, the volume of which can reach up to 4 gallons. Also, manufacturers produce models with capacities of 3, 4, and 5 gallons.

The main difference between this type of spray equipment is the way of pressure build-up. Achieving the right amount of pressure is not in the tank with chemicals but in the pump chamber. Thanks to this design feature, the safety of operation of the plant is increased since if the chamber breaks from high pressure, the pesticides will not fall on the person who is processing the plantations.

Backpack models of sprayers have wide straps, allowing to carry them behind your back, like a backpack. To securely fix the position of the device behind the back, there is also a lap belt attached to the bottom of the case. This belt does not allow the device to shift to the sides and slide down, pressing on the shoulders of the person.

On the side of the sprayer is a handle that allows the pump chamber to pump pressure. In operation, one hand is used to pressurize the device, and the other one directs the bar with the sprayer to the objects being processed. Some models can be adapted for the left-handers and right-handers, rearranging the handle in a convenient direction.

Sprayers on batteries: silent processing

If you have money, experts recommend that you get a battery-operated sprayer, which frees you from the need for manual pressure build-up. The electric drive, which operates on a battery, is responsible for this. You have the opportunity to direct the bar with two hands, which is much more convenient and easier. The battery is charged by connecting to a normal electrical outlet.

Models of electric sprayers differ from each other not only in the capacity of the tank and ergonomics of its shape but also in the duration of operation without recharging. For example, the Italian 15-liter electric backpack sprayer Stocker is able to work without additional recharging for 8 hours. This is important if the treatment is done away from the energy source. No noise is another undeniable advantage of this type of sprayer.

Motorized sprayers for farms

Farmers engaged in crop production on a large scale will find motorized sprayers carried behind their backs or carried on wheels very convenient. This type of sprayers works from gasoline engines, the power of which varies from 2 to 5 horsepower. The more powerful the engine, the further and higher the jet of solution is thrown out.

Among the sprayers with gasoline engines, you can find models that work not only with liquid preparations but also with powdery ones. The process of spraying fertilizers or pesticides is maximally automated so a person does not have to exert much effort when working with this garden equipment.

Important moments for choosing a particular model

When choosing garden sprayers, pay attention to the following:

  • The material of the body, nozzles, and bars
  • Quality of performance of joints of parts and assemblies
  • Completing the model with additional attachments
  • Presence of instructions
  • Brand fame
  • Reliability of fastening of belts
  • Maintainability
  • Availability of spare parts and consumables for the model
  • The warranty period, subject to the territorial availability of service centers

Do not forget to try the sprayer on in the shop to make sure that the model will be comfortable in operation. Check the operation of all components, paying special attention to the proper functioning of the safety valve.

What sprayer to choose for a garden

When it is necessary to process 40 hectares, it is better to take a sprayer with a tank of at least 2 gallons. You will be less likely to fill it and therefore contact with chemicals less frequently. But if the plot of land is not very big, you should not buy a device with a large capacity. In this case, it is better to choose a hand-held fence sprayer.

Chapin 20000 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer

For pollination of seedlings, flower beds, and low shrubs, a sprayer with a bulb of up to three gallons is suitable.

By constantly pressing the trigger, you will create the necessary pressure in the tank. With the help of nozzle, you can adjust the jet – from a powerful stream to a fine-dispersed fog.

Chapin 20000 Sprayer


  • You will be able to purposefully treat the affected areas on the lower surface of the leaves and other hard-to-reach places
  • Such an apparatus is less expensive


  • Fuel is enough for three hundred hectares.

My 4 Sons Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

For the garden, buy a sprayer with a tank of up to 4 gallons or more. It is convenient to wear on your shoulder or behind your back.

Such devices are often equipped with a side handle, by means of which it is possible to increase the pressure in the pump flask. Usually, the handle is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

My 4 Sons Backpack Sprayer


  • Suitable for processing large areas in the open air and in greenhouses
  • Large spray diameter
  • It is possible to control the dispersion of the jet by rotating the nozzle


  • Long work tires because of the weight of the device
  • You have to work with both hands

Chapin 61900 Commercial Backpack Sprayer

This sprayer is great for handling large areas of plantations – gardens and vineyards.

In this model, the pressure is injected automatically by the engine. They have a large spray diameter – up to several meters and a high, regulated pressure.

Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer


  • No need to manually pressurize
  • Abundantly irrigates large areas


  • High cost in comparison with sprayers of other types
  • Operating on gasoline requires additional expenses for fuel and oil
  • Noisy and bulky
  • Gasoline sprayer is not used for indoor treatment – in greenhouses or winter gardens

According to the electric weed sprayer reviews, for spraying in closed buildings, buy models that run on batteries.