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Picking the Best Garden Hose Reel 2018

Picking the Best Garden Hose Reel 2018

Do you want to operate and keep the hose right? It is not a problem. Special trolleys and hose reels are what you need. Learn how to choose a high-quality hose cart and reel hose below.

It is logical to buy a cart if your garden is large and you will need to move a lot to water all the territory. Carts usually have a frame with a design for proper winding and are equipped with two large pneumatic wheels.

The hose reel is a reel with automatic (inertial) and mechanical winding. As for the installation method, it can be stationary and wall-mounted. These useful devices provide careful storage, prevent distortion and help deliver the hose to the irrigation zone without causing damage to the lawn.

Reels and carts for hoses create comfortable conditions during watering and give you the liberty to freely move around the territory of your garden. Reels can be both stationary and portable, and each type of has its own advantages. When choosing a hose reel, it is necessary to pay attention, first of all, to the diameter, length, and material of the hose.

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How to Choose a Watering Hose

Watering hoses can be of different types depending on the method of application – for manual watering and automatic irrigation systems. The garden hose is a single hollow pipe that, on the one hand, joins the water source, and on the other hand is equipped with a special nozzle for water supply.

When choosing a garden hose, it is worth paying attention to the following characteristics:

  • Diameter. Watering hoses come in a variety of diameters. When choosing the diameter, keep in mind the pressure of water. A wide range of adapters will allow connecting two hoses of different diameters without problems. When the water pressure is low, it is worth choosing a hose with a small diameter.
  • Length. Hoses are sold in packages from 20 to 100 meters. Hoses over 50 meters long are difficult to use without reels and carts with wheels. Therefore, buying these devices will make the watering process easier for you.
  • Material. The most common materials used to make garden hoses are rubber and plastic. Most manufacturers reinforce rubber hoses with additional braiding to make them more reliable and durable. Their only drawback is that they are slightly heavier and more expensive than plastic hoses. Plastic hoses are in great demand, although they are less sturdy. Also common are PVC hoses – they are flexible and light in weight. In addition, they retain their performance at low and high temperatures. Choose if the PVC hose, if it will be stored in winter in a room with a negative temperature, or if in summer it will be under direct sunlight for a long time.

Accessories for Watering Hoses

Also, when buying a hose pay attention to reviews of various brands to select the best hose. How to choose a watering hose for the garden we already know. There are a variety of accessories that can make using a hose much easier. They are:

  • A high-quality hose reel. The reels make the hose storage more correct and safer for the hose. There can be portable and stationary. The latter can be mounted on the wall of the building. The choice of an outdoor hose reel depends on the features of the site – if there is no need to move the hose, stationary coils can be chosen. In this case, it is worth to carefully choose the location for installation since it will be difficult to move the stationary reel later.
  • A cart. It simplifies the movement of the hose. It is a mobile construction on wheels, to which a coil with a hose is attached.
  • A pistol. This accessory allows you to control the intensity of watering, which is very important because different plants have their preferences in watering.

Choosing the best-rated automatic hose reel

The hose reels are different in diameter, which the length of the hose wound on the reel depends on. There are reels for hoses at 20, 30, 50, and 100 meters. In order to choose the hose reel for the money, it is important to look through various hose reel cart reviews.

As it was mentioned above, the reel can be mobile (with a cart) or stationary. The stationary reel can be mounted on a ground or other surface or attached to a wall. A wall-mounted hose reel is extremely convenient. The hose should be simply pulled out from the reel and fixed, and after the end of irrigation it automatically winds back. In turn, the use of the cart makes it easy to move the reel around the site, maximizing the process of watering the plants.

The main suppliers of coils are Eley Rapid Cart, Hozelock, Rl Flo-Master, and Liberty Garden. The choice of equipment offered by these companies can meet the needs of even the most demanding gardener.

Eley Rapid Cart

Eley Hose Reel Cart

Elley Rapid Cart is ideal for large gardens – the reel is designed for a hose up to 100 meters long. Thanks to the support frame made of metal structures, the cart won’t turn over even under strong hose tension. The lightness of the cart is due to large profile wheels, which make transportation comfortable. Uniform self-winding of the hose on the reel is done with the help of the rail, and the folding knob will accurately distribute the hose, without making your hands dirty.

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Hozelock 2415

The auto rewind Hozelock reel hose will facilitate the storage of the hose in the garden, which can be rotated at 180 degrees. The main distinguishing feature is the shortest course of the hose, which is fixed every 50 cm. To rewind the hose, pull it and then release, after which the reel itself will uniformly wind. A special handle allows to neatly and effortlessly store the reel in winter, while special mounts provide a comfortable and secure storage of tools and cleaning brushes.

Hozelock 2415

Rl Flo-Master retractable hose reel

This retractable hose reel helps make the process of watering particularly easy and convenient. The reel unwinds and winds the hose automatically and you don’t need to make any efforts. A practical body of the reel is attached to the wall and can be rotated at 180 degrees. The hose can easily be pulled to the desired length without the use of force.

Rl Flomaster Hose Reel

Liberty Garden 870-M1-2

This metal hose reel cart, which includes all the necessary elements for work, can make the process of watering the garden easier. Depending on the user’s height, the handle extends to the required height or folds for compact storage. The plug on the cart prevents water from escaping, which ensures optimum storage of the tool in a garage or shed, while high-strength materials form a stable support.

Liberty Garden Hose Reel

What are the types of hose reel?

Hose reels and reel carts for hoses can be mobile and stationary. Mobile models can easily move around the yard and garden. Stationary models in most cases are mounted on the wall. But they are also effective for storing hoses, as well as for watering ground. Each of the types of reels and carts has its advantages. Before making a choice and giving your preference to one or another model, it is worth exploring in detail the conditions and opportunities under which you plan to use the products.

Reels and carts work according to a very simple principle. The user extracts the hose to the desired length and it independently fixes in the desired position. If it is necessary to increase the length of the hose, it is easy enough to pull it in the required direction. To rewind the hose, a special handle must be used.

At the present time, to further simplify the work with irrigation tools, there are reels and carts with automatic winding function. With this type of winding, the hose should be sharply pulled and released.

You can pick up the hose reel and the cart for the hose regardless of the area of your yard. Based on the model, the irrigation tools are perfect for a small patio, as well as for a large garden.

Most of the hose reels and carts available today are equipped with ergonomic handles made of soft plastic. Moreover, the tools undergo rigorous quality tests. To test the strength of structures, the expert group subjects them to special tests, the passage of which guarantees the durability of the equipment. During one of the tests, the coil withstands a test for the passage of a thousand steps, which confirms the strength and reliability of the structures.

When choosing a hose reel, pay attention to the following:

  • The ability to fit the hose of the desired diameter and length
  • The reliability of the supply hose connections (for example, connection hose at 45 degrees decreases the risk of kinking and breaking the hose)
  • The reliability of the support structures of the reinforcement and the reliability of the connecting elements
  • The presence of a rotating independent connection on the shaft, preventing the hose from twisting
  • The possibility or impossibility of mechanical or automatic hose packing
  • The presence of a leakproof valve during transportation
  • Options for installation or transportation, portable or wall-mounted