December 05, 2018 | Lawn Care Tips

How to clean a lawn mower air filter: it’s very easy

How to clean a lawn mower air filter: it’s very easy

Your lawn mower needs to be properly maintained to be functional as long as possible. Different parts of the device could impact its performance in case they aren’t taken care of. Well, it could be a simple component such as an air filter trapping tons of dust and dirt as it works.

Dirt clogging up the air filter in your lawn mower is capable of blocking the required flow of air to the carburetor. With the cooling surfaces blocked, your mower’s engine will 100% overheat. It’s because the device needs a clean air filter for keeping the air coming through to ensure substantial efficiency.

The best way to clean your dirty lawn mower’s air filter

Ideally, you should have learned it from your lawn mower’s user manual. There should detailed tips on how to properly maintain this device, including the cleaning procedure.  However, if for some reason this manual is unavailable, just follow this detailed guide.

Filter cover

The first step in cleaning out the air filter of this device is to remove the filter’s cover. It’s a critical activity to make sure an ongoing efficiency on your mower. The given procedure needs to be carried out in a clean work area exactly where there’s a minor probability of dust and dirt blowing into your device.

In order to prevent debris and dirt from getting into its engine, you should wipe off dirt and debris near the cover of its air filter. Carefully remove the wingnuts of the cover and put them aside for reinstallation. They’re crucial parts keeping the cover in its place for the right functioning of the air filter.

Foam pre-filter

There’re various components of the lawn mower that should be cleaned in the proper way. Before you remove the air filter, its surroundings, including the rubber seal need to be wiped clean by means of a moist clean rag. It should be cautiously performed to avert pushing dirt into the air filter.

The air filter needs to be carefully removed if you don’t want to damage it. If there’s a foam pre-filter, have it removed too. These mower’s components should be thoroughly cleaned if you have utilized the device for up to 25 hours. If you’re unable to clean it so frequently, try to do it at least once a year.

When it comes to cleaning the mower’s foam air filter, you don’t need to have the foam pre-filter scrubbed. Instead, you require patting it gently with a paper towel to have the water soaked up.

If such soaking fails to remove the grime or dirt efficiently or the foam gets damaged during the procedure, you require replacing the foam pre-filter because a damaged piece happens to be non-functional.

The foam pre-filter is an important component of the mower helping to act as an additional protection for the air filter, but you should realize that not every mower comes with this feature. Lawn mowers with foam pre-filters boast the extended durability of their paper air filters.

Paper filter

The given component of your lawn mower is the paper filter. You are expected to have it cleaned too just to ensure better efficiency of your device. To loosen the accumulated dust and dirt, tap it gently on a flat surface.

When tapping it, don’t forget that it’s very fragile, so you can unintentionally tear by applying excessive force. It’s clear that a ripped or torn filter can hardly be effective because it would be unable to trap the dust and dirt flowing through. It’s up to you to replace it without delay. Otherwise, the dust and dirt and also tiny pieces of grass and stones could get into the mower engine as well as internal parts inflicting great damage.

Avoid applying compressed air as well as any form of petroleum products when it comes to cleaning your filter paper. The matter is that petroleum-based products, including kerosene, gasoline, and oil are highly abrasive, so they’re capable of causing damage to the paper filter.

The Installation process

Well, you’ve already cleaned the air filter pieces. Now it’s time to put them back in the right position. Have the wing nuts tightened. Thus, you’ll ensure that your air filter is properly positioned. You should make sure that the air filter cover needs to be placed in the right way at its original location. The wingnuts should have it secured firmly. However, avoid overly tightening, as it can cause tension and damage.

The necessity of cleaning

A well-maintained air filter is good at keeping airborne particles of dust and dirt at bay. This filter is extremely effective in keeping your carburetor clean because dirty air is filtered once it enters the device. Don’t forget to maintain your mower air filter in good condition because it’s the first line of defense for your mower engine against grime and dirt with its destructive effects.

With a dirty air filter, dust, dirt, as well as tiny particles, could get to the engine and have it clogged. Any amount of dirt can damage any component of the mower and provoke a tremendous dive in the power of its engine. You don’t want your mower to face premature wear and tear with some of its engine components, do you?

Different types of air filters for lawn mowers are currently available in the market. You can stick with any brand you like. Many mowers utilize air filters in their small engines that come with pleated paper filters or foam filters.

There’re dual-element cleaner mowers where the cleaning elements include the foam pre-cleaner as well as a pleated paper filter. The given feature ensures a double layer of protection for the mower engine in case of tough and stubborn dirt or grime from soil or plants. When the paper element gets heavily soiled, this part can’t be functional any longer.

In order to effectively remove the stubborn layer of grime and dirt from your foam pre-filter, you need to apply hot water with a strong, but gentle liquid dish detergent with a grease-cutting agent.

If you thoroughly follow the tips above, you’ll enjoy the highest possible efficiency of your lawn mower.