February 07, 2018 | Lawn Care Tips

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Lawn Grass

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Lawn Grass

Although there are many ways that can be used if you keep wondering how to remove grass from lawn, not all of them are safe. Unfortunately, some of these methods may involve the use of dangerous chemicals. When looking for the best solutions, there are natural ways and tips on how to remove old grass from lawn. They are not only safer but also easier and more affordable.

Use of Newspapers

Do you want to know how to remove dry grass from lawn naturally? Use newspapers because they work wonders. First, they are readily available, and using them to remove grass naturally is quite simple. This method can be used for both large and small spaces, and the best thing is that newspapers decompose, thus, adding more nutrients to your soil.

Remove dry grass by newspapers

Start by mowing the zone where you need to get rid of grass because this step allows newspapers to lay closer and flatter to it. Wet this area and start placing thick newspaper layers over your grass, overlapping in diverse directions. Keep wetting the area if you want to prevent newspapers from being blown away, or you can try another option. Wet the newspapers in advance, but keep in mind that they can become prone to tearing and harder to work with. Once you manage to cover the entire area, add a landscape fabric according to your intents.

Use of Plastic

Removing Weed Grass by Plastic

Want to learn ? Another helpful solution is using plastic because it’s quite affordable and available in many local and garden shops. You should mow your grassy area and rake it smooth before using this method. Cover weed grass with black plastic because it blocks out any light, preventing new growth, and smothering grassroots. Secure the plastic you use with heavy rocks and allow it to remain in place for a few days based on uses and sizes. Besides, it’s possible to use landscape fabric by simply removing plastic.

Use of Vinegar

Still looking for a suitable way for how to remove grass from yard? You can try vinegar because it’s an effective and simple option. The pickled or white one is a great way to achieve this goal without using harmful chemicals. It’s 100% safe and won’t cause any harm to the environment. However, you shouldn’t spray it near the plants that you want to keep because vinegar may damage them. This product is readily available in many supermarkets, and it doesn’t cost a lot. If you choose to use vinegar to remove unwanted lawn grass, remember that it works better in small spaces and during hot weather conditions. That’s why you should use it in summer to achieve the best results. All you need to do is saturate a particular area with vinegar, and the job will be done in a few days.

Effective Grass Removing Guidelines

When looking for safe and simple guidelines how to remove unwanted grass from lawn, these natural and effective methods will provide you with excellent and affordable results. The process is quite simple, but your timing is one of the most important factors. Follow a few basic tips to time everything correctly.

For example, it’s advisable to allow a few weeks for herbicide sprays. If you still want to use them, allow a few weeks between spraying them and replanting your lawn to give sprays enough time to work and avoid killing new grass. To have a workable plan, determine when you prefer to plant new seeds. Before planting, rake away all the dead grass while smoothing soil lumps.

Hand Digging

If you prefer digging up any unwanted grass without using any chemicals, replant your lawn the same day. All you need to do is dig up unwanted sods, replace them with rich topsoil, and replant with new grass. The best part is that you can use this method at any time and grass can be planted in your lawn easily.

Use of Herbicides

There are different herbicides that can be used for this purpose. Some of them are quite residual and have a high risk of ending up in the water supply, while others, including glyphosates, are less residual, but the main problem for many homeowners is that their use is quite expensive. That’s why using herbicides is not a good idea if you want to learn how to remove dead grass from your lawn.

Physical Removal

The fastest and easiest way to remove unwanted grass is to physically remove sods by cutting them into strips with a special cutter. It’s necessary to roll strips up and turning them over to let them compost in place or take them away. Lay cut sods upside down before removing them to create mounds and cover with newspapers, no matter if you prefer to move cut sods into a new place or let them compost. Use them to create better soil and prevent re-growing of unwanted grass.

Remove weed by hand

Keep in mind that this method won’t work if you have any persistent perennial type of lawn grass, including Bermuda grass. That’s because simply removing its sods guarantees that grass will be back soon because its roots go down deep. If you have faced this problem, the only effective method to get rid of unwanted lawn grass is through either solarization or using herbicides. Besides, you’ll have to wait for a few months to ensure that it’s gone.


It’s a slower method to remove unwanted lawn grass, but it’s still quite effective and affordable. Technically, it’s all about soil sterilization by using clear plastic, and it works great for any grass removal if you don’t have urgent time limits. This method is often chosen for areas with high temperatures, so it’s better to use it in summer. Cut your grass and water well. Next, cover it with large tolls of black plastic and make sure that the entire area is left without any holes. Leave it for a few weeks to get the results you want. Another benefit offered by solarization is that it can help you get rid of different plant diseases, insects, soil pathogens, and so on. You can leave dead grass to compose to get extra benefits. Many people choose this method also because it has a minimal environmental impact and requires minimal labor.