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Grasshopper Lawn Mower – Ultimate Choice of New and Experienced Gardeners

Grasshopper Lawn Mower – Ultimate Choice of New and Experienced Gardeners

Lawn care is an exacting task, which requires not only time, money and effort, but also quality equipment. A reliable and durable grass mower is one of the items required for an excellent result. Grasshopper is the world-known brand name, which distributes mowers, their parts and accessories. According to the reviews and feedback from clients, the machines are ultimately quality and provide excellent grass cutting, just the one you need for a neat lawn.

Generally, Grasshopper Company is very popular around the world due to the products they offer. Based in Moundridge, Kansas City in the USA, the company is appreciated for manufacturing diverse types of lawn mowers, including zero-turn ones. First, this mower was introduced in 1969, though great achievements and expansions have been reached since then. Grasshopper lawn mower parts, accessories and well as similar facilities are ultimately useful both for the governmental entities and average equipment owners.

History of the Company and Development of Their Products

To realize the reason for Grasshopper mower popularity and use, it is inevitable to track the history of the company development. Established in 1969, the company has gone through different periods of development, producing an increasing number of successful mower models. Since the very beginning of its existence, the company has been a famous manufacturer, but the very first achievement was the introduction of dual swing-out levels, created specifically for zero-turn mowers. This type of Grasshopper zero turn lawn mower was a real blast, being considered an effective machine. It was powered by diesel and got significant acceptance for long engine life and overall power. Due to the fact of diesel employment in the machine, it was never replaced.

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Diversity of Grasshopper Lawn Mower Prices and Types

Currently, Grasshopper is a world-known platform, the production of which is rather expensive, though still demanded. The company manufactures a wide range of mowers and instruments for easy and successful grass care. Considering the most helpful parts, it is important to single out the following:

  • Snow removal, which is ultimately effective during winter time. It helps not only keep the lawn maintained, but clean the garden from unwanted snow;
  • Dura max deck is another feature that helps Grasshopper equipment stand out of the crowd. A time-tested and durable deck will make the process comfortable, quality and convenient;
  • Aera-vator belongs to a group of widely required Grasshopper lawn mower accessories or pieces of equipment that provide an opportunity to loosen the compacted soil, allowing more oxygen to get in contact with the grass. As a result, you can get healthier, greener and more productive grass. However, it should not be confused with the core lawn aerator, since it does not leave cores after use;
  • Power fold is inevitable for front mount mowers. Besides, the company produces snow throwers and dozer blades, so snow throwing is not an issue anymore;
  • Mid mount mower features a special deck position. Unlike front mount mower, the deck of the mid mount mower is inserted under the seat of the rider. Such position of the deck is ultimately helpful for removing lighter obstacles on the way and wide-open mowing;
  • Front mount mower. According to Grasshopper lawn mower reviews, this type of equipment is exceptionally useful for cutting grass under fences, bushes and shrubs. The deck in the front mount mower consists of 3-4 wheeled units and is inserted forward of the engine. This mower type can be equipped with special system removing snow;
  • Power-vac collection system is considered as a vacuum type that is connected to the mower discharge shield. This part of the machine does not require manual cleaning since all the debris is emptied with the power tilt hopper. The system compresses clippings, so disposing of debris is an easy task.

Pros and Cons of Grasshopper Lawn Mower Parts and Accessories

Considering all the user-friendly features and peculiarities, it is possible to say the company produces perfect equipment that has no drawbacks. However, it is inevitable to specify the comparatively high cost of the machines, which are not affordable for all the customers.

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On the other hand, the list of Grasshopper mower benefits can be continued. The mowers distributed by the company are environment-friendly. With time and excellence, the machines were equipped with a special system, supporting alternative fuels, instead of diesel and similar ones. To reduce greenhouse gases, the company accepted the concept of working with algae fuel, which is safe for the environment. Scraps of metal leftovers and steel are recycled, according to the regulations and rules of air quality standards, specified by Environmental Protection Agency.

All the mowers, parts and accessories can be purchased from official Grasshopper distributors or dealerships.