January 25, 2018 | Lawn Care Tips

Tips for Successful Lawn Grass Removal

Tips for Successful Lawn Grass Removal

Having a beautiful lawn is not an easy thing, as it is inevitable to work hard to achieve excellent results. The issue of unwanted grass removal has always been a problem for lawn owners, as there is no universal solution. Definitely, there are several useful ways how to remove dead grass from the lawn, but it is up to you to select the most effective and convenient one.

There are numerous primary decisions you need to make before the beginning of grass removal. First of all, define your final goal: either to decrease lawn size, control weed within a small area or merely remove dead grass. Secondly, choose an affordable, convenient and effective method from the available ones. Try one of the techniques to ensure you have made the right choice. You may not get the desired result after the first procedure, so you may need to repeat it multiple times.

Top Effective and Popular Ways How to Remove Unwanted Grass from Lawn

Mowing the lawn, replanting grass, removing dead grass and related issues take much time and effort. However, there are numerous effective ways to drastically decrease the effort and make the process easy and convenient.

Remove Grass Lawn

On average, gardening experts specify two types of lawn care, including:

#1. Getting rid of grass to decrease the lawn size

Definitely, before using various chemicals, one should try organic ways to kill unwanted grass. Rototilling is one of the most popular ways to remove grass and convert the lawn into a flower bed. However, this method has a significant drawback – the stolons will still remain in the soil, so you will have to pull grass shots afterward.

Lying down diverse types of materials is a better way to prevent unwanted grass. Clear plastic, tarp, black plastic and landscape fabric are the most used and effective materials. To understand the effectiveness of each method, it is vital to specify its pros and cons. So, considering newspapers, you can be sure it is one of the most economical methods of grass removal. Probably, each one of you has a stack of free papers you can use for the lawn. Another advantage of this method is an ability of the newspaper to break down into the soil later. It means you will not have to clean your lawn after the mission is fulfilled.

Landscape fabric is another commonly used way to get rid of unwanted grass. Covering the soil with the fabric should be done after retooling. One of the main disadvantages of this method is its restriction to shrub beds, as perennial beds require too many holes.

Poly tarp is also frequently used to choke out unnecessary lawn grass. Cover the tarp with mulch and get rid of unwanted grass fast and easy.

Black and clear plastic are also effective ways to remove grass, but each one of them has both pros and cons you need to keep in mind while making a decision.

#2. Getting rid of grass within the defined area

Rototilling the lawn and turning it into a flower bed is much easier. However, what are you supposed to do when our lawn requires spot treatment? Organic methods are not suitable here, so you will need to turn to herbicides at this point. Several types of herbicides can be used, depending on the circumstances, final purpose and multiple other factors. Nevertheless, people, who are against non-organic ways to remove grass, can use another method called hand-pulling. Spraying vinegar to the particular areas will kill weed and reduce the amount of unwanted grass.

You can easily find low-cost and effective ways how to remove grass from lawn in each category. Just learn the peculiarities of each method, its advantages, and disadvantages to ensure it is the exact solution for your lawn.

Fundamental Timing Principles for Successful Grass Removal

While choosing the best way to remove grass from lawn is inevitable, it is also vital to be aware of the right time to do it. According to the claims of experienced gardeners, fall is a great season to fix up your lawn and tackle weeds, dead grass, and unwanted grass species. Herbicides work most effectively during this part of the year. Besides, this time is perfect for planting new grass types. Generally, removing unwanted grass from the lawn, planting new and maintaining other related things should be delayed until fall.

The process of fixing a lawn is rather simple, as it presupposes only several steps, such as:

  • Removing or killing unwanted grass;
  • Smoothing the dirt;
  • Replanting with new grass.

Excellent! And it seems like no problem, but, in fact, inappropriate timing will definitely ruin the effect. Therefore, here are several tips for the gardener who needs to remove dead grass from lawn fast and effectively:

  • Let herbicide spray work for six weeks. Using a herbicide spray, such as an organic vinegar-based spray or Roundup, you need to keep a pause of six weeks for the spray to work and dissipate. Replant grass after this 6-week term, so that the spray could not kill the seeds of new grass. To make it simpler, plan beforehand. Decide when you want to plant fresh grass and count six weeks backward. To achieve the desired effect, you need to take away dead grass, smooth lumps and only then replant the lawn.
  • Planting grass in fall. Planting cool-season grasses in fall, you need to spray old grass in late summer to plant new one by October.
  • Planting spring grass. Opposite to cool-season grasses, warm-season ones should be planted somewhere in spring. Get ready for planting new grass before the first fall frost.
  • Remove unwanted grass by hand digging. Striving to avoid the use of chemicals, you can dig up all the unwanted grass. However, it is important to replant it the same day. This process does not require extra timing, so you can dig up dead sod, replace it with rich topsoil and put new grass there.

Basically, following these easy ways to remove grass from your lawn and timing tips, you can get an excellent-looking lawn very soon.