November 12, 2018 | Lawn Care Tips

Lawn flea treatment: theory

Lawn flea treatment: theory

Having gotten rid of all the fleas inside your house and also on your pets, perhaps, you think that you are absolutely safe. That’s so sad to realize that it’s not true. It’s due to the fact that you haven’t treated the root of the issue yet. The given review focuses on how to exercise flea treatment for grass and how to avert future flea infestations in your garden. After all, that’s the place where the fleas penetrate your home and got to your animals.

Getting rid of your lawn fleas will be a daunting task, but it’s possible to cope with it.

It’s especially the case if your animals spend much time outdoors. The fleas are able to hide anywhere in the yard. What’s more, they can even hide in your garden furniture. Therefore, you require keeping your eyes open and searching for fleas in the right places as told below. Keep reading to learn more about flea control in the lawn.

Find out where they’re hiding

First, you require finding your little bloodsuckers. They like shady, warm, and moist areas. These insects stay away from direct sunlight as well as open grass. To spot them, just ponder over where your animals normally hang out. It’s the place where you can spot these insects. You require checking the entire garden and paying extra attention to areas around your garden furniture, doghouse, fences, and trees.

There’s another simple trick – you should wear white socks when walking around your yard. Due to the fact that fleas are black, you’ll effortlessly notice them on the white socks.

Keep in mind that you can spot them in more than one area of your yard. Therefore, you should ensure that every flea infestation is discovered and taken care of.

Before you start flea treatment in your yard

You should get rid of fleas on your animals first before moving on to the yard. When you’ve successfully coped with it, you can start treating your yard. You need to keep your animals indoors when doing it if you don’t want them to be attacked by fleas once again.

You need to begin by cleaning your yard. Thus, you’ll make it easier for you to get to those problematic areas and ensure that no fleas successfully escape. You should mow the lawn and get rid of organic debris. As a matter of fact, the fleas are attracted to places close to debris, including composting areas and piles of leaves and grass cuttings. Raking and bagging these areas disturb the natural habitat of these insects, making it difficult for them to breed. Moreover, it makes easier for your flea treatment products to have them killed. Move pet toys as well as other objects, which lie around in your yard because they make excellent hiding spots for these insects. Unless you want your pets to stick around, remove all that clutter.

Your lawn flea killer

From this particular moment, the real challenge bursts out. You require figuring out how you eager to get rid of these insects. There’re several ways to do it, some of them are more appropriate, and others not. The methods illustrated below are considered to be effective. Just choose the one, matching your individual needs. If your yard is open and huge, you don’t need to treat it all. Alternatively, if there are areas of your yard where your animals never hang around, it makes no sense to waste your energy here. It’s high time to decide how to get rid of these annoying creatures in your yard. You can stick with any of the following solutions.

Have your yard flooded with water

Flea larvae along with flea eggs are unable to survive a flooded lawn. Perhaps, the easiest way to end the life cycle of these insects is to flood the whole yard from time to time. Besides terminating the fleas, the water is going to have all the feces of the adult fleas washed away, thus diminishing their chance of survival to nearly zero. Besides this, in rainy seasons it shouldn’t be necessary because Mother Nature takes care of the issues. However, if the weather is sunny and dry, you require cutting the grass, removing debris and flooding your lawn often enough in order to remove fleas and prevent these insects from breeding. You require flooding the entire area with water, paying special attention to fences, trees, garden furniture as well as your doghouse. All the plants in the yard need to be a bit flooded just to ensure that each flea larvae, as well as flea egg, is 100% covered with water.

Have your yard sprayed with insecticides

If you make up your mind to utilize insecticides to remove your fleas, you definitely require environmental friendly pesticide. Besides this, you should carefully follow the instructions and avoid spraying this stuff near ponds, lakes, or other places if you don’t want to contaminate the water. You require protecting yourself with a dust mask as well as protective clothing. Before spraying your yard with insecticides, ensure to remove toys as well as other things coming in contact with your animals or kids. You should keep your kids and pets out of the yard. They shouldn’t go there right after the procedure too.

When spraying the yard, you need to be especially thorough with the areas illustrated above because it’s where the fleas are usually discovered. You should spray the whole lawn or yard, but if you leave your animals outdoors in a fenced area, you need to treat this whole area. You need to repeat the entire process if the product needs it. As a rule, it’s every 2-3 weeks.

Utilize nematodes

If you’re fond of natural solutions, then nematodes would suffice. These harmless microscopic worms feed on flea larvae as well as other insects, including termites. Just have them sprayed right to the areas flooded with fleas and nematodes will take care of it.

Make use of cedar chips

Fleas strongly dislike the smell of cedar chips. Therefore, you should cover the problematic areas of your yard with this stuff, thus scaring away these insects.

Rely on professionals

Perhaps, it makes sense to entrust your fleas to specialists with proper expertise and experience in this field. They know how to exercise pest control properly and can resolve your issue much faster than you.