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Leaf Mulching with a Lawn Mower

Leaf Mulching with a Lawn Mower

Mulching is an important agrotechnical technique that allows not only to improve the fertility of the soil and reduce the frequency of irrigation but also significantly reduce labor costs. This procedure can be performed in various ways – from the use of special synthetic materials to mulching leaves with a mower while performing several functions.

Mulching contributes to getting rid of weeds on the site, reduces the number of watering measures, which is beneficial in all respects. The most effective and simple way of mulching is to grind the plants in the process of cutting with a lawn mower.

In addition to mulching the grass itself, the mulching of the fallen leaves is also carried out. If you do not pay attention to leaves, they will literally “choke” the lawn, depriving the root system of plants of oxygen and the source of light.

Fallen leaves can be mulched with a lawn mower. Advantages of this method are that they will provide a lawn not only with a nutrient but also a protective substrate, clean it of leaves and prevent the so-called strangulation. Mulching is not just a good garden practice but also very necessary actions.

Why Is It Necessary to Mulch the Lawn?

Mulching is cleaning the lawn from dead plants and fallen leaves, which process the cut grass and plant waste and returns them to the soil in the form of nutrients. This allows moisture to stay in the soil and regulates the temperature of the soil.

In addition, the mown grass itself acts as a protective element that stops the growth of weeds. Lawns treated in such a way are less prone to drying out, the formation of soil erosion, and have a healthier appearance.

It’s not recommended composting leaves too often – excess organic fertilizer may have a bad effect on the state of the grass cover.

When mulching the grass with a leaf mulcher mower, it is possible to simultaneously grind the fallen leaves, which can kill the grass while remaining unharvested.

How to Find the Best Lawn Mower for Leaves Shredding

The fallen foliage can be mulched using modern lawn mowers. The advantage of mulching a lawn with a Worx lawn mower or a leaf vacuum with the munching function is that it not only provides the soil with nutrients and protects it but also clears leaves and obsolete grass, eliminating the lack of oxygen in the soil.

All lawn mowers differ in the configuration – they can either have the mulching function or not be equipped with the appropriate elements. If you purchase the lawn mower for further use for mulching, special cutting elements must be included in the kit, which will grind the grass.

The lawn mower with mulcher has a grass catcher that closes with a plug so that the green leaves and stems after cutting are returned to the cutting elements and crushed. Ground grass falls evenly on the lawn and fertilizes the soil. The mulching function must be carried out carefully, so as not to litter the lawn.

Mulching Leaves with Mower

Things to Remember When Purchasing a Mulching Lawn Mower

When purchasing a mulching lawn mower, you need to know how to mulch grass and keep in mind the following:

  • The mower must have a sufficiently high power. Otherwise, the operation of the unit will be constantly slowed down, and the quality of mulching will be low.
  • Do not use a lawn mower immediately after rain or dew. Wet grass sticks together in lumps and doesn’t lie flat, which is not useful for lawns.
  • High raw grass can quickly ruin the lawn mower – you must cut it gently, cutting only the upper part. It is better to cut the site a couple of times rather than repairing the device.
  • Mowing with mulching should be done regularly, without waiting for the overgrowing of the grass. It’s easier to constantly maintain a lawn in a well-groomed shape, than exposing the equipment to the risk of breakage once a month.
  • It’s not desirable to mulch at a time when the weather is hot and dry. With a shortage of moisture, microorganisms in the soil can’t quickly process the cut grass, which will lead to the formation of hay, the clogging of the lawn, and the growth of moss.

Guidelines on Mulching the Lawn with a Mower

Any lawn mower can maintain an exemplary order on the site. But only if you know what mulching is in a lawn mower and how to mulch leaves into lawn using this function competently.

When to Mulch the Lawn

Mulching with a lawn mower should be done on dry grass. If there was a need for carrying out this procedure on a wet lawn, the speed of movement should be reduced and less grass should be cut off in order to avoid the formation of lumps.

How to Properly Mulch with a Lawn Mower

In order to achieve the good results from mulching, it’s necessary to observe these rules:

  • The grass should be cut by 1/3. If there is a drought, it’s necessary to cut less.
  • Mowing over leaves should be done on a not very long grass.
  • The lawn mower should be run at full power, with maximum speed and well-sharpened knives.
  • It is necessary to monitor the condition of the lawn mower with mulching – the mower deck should be regularly monitored and cleaned of the remnants of the cut grass.
  • Lawns with long grass should be cut on a step-by-step basis.
  • It’s desirable to periodically change the direction when cutting. Thus, the grass is better groped, and the cut layer is distributed evenly, providing a uniform mulching image.
  • It is necessary to use only the specialized equipment. Modern gardeners prefer electric lawn mowers with mulching function. Sometimes, you can use a mower to pick up leaves.
  • Mowing the lawn with mulching should be frequent.

Pros and Cons of Mulching

Many owners of household plots believe that mown grass clogs and spoils the appearance of the lawn. But if everything is done correctly, this will not happen. A fine-grained cut or green mush lies on the freshly cut grass with a uniform and almost invisible layer. This way the free space between the stems is filled. An experienced lawnmower copes with his work so qualitatively and well that it is difficult to notice the mulched grass. It quickly turns into fertilizers and provides an invaluable service to the gardener.

The advantages of mulching are as follows:

  • Obtaining natural raw materials for mulching without unnecessary costs and expenses.
  • You save your time.
  • Lawn receives fertilizer, protection from soil drying.
  • The mulching layer significantly stops the growth of weed plants.

One of the cons is that it’s not recommended to mulch raw grass. In extreme cases, this must be done with caution, cutting off the tops of the stems. Wet grass gets in lumps.

Mowing and mulching should be done alternately and preferably on a regular basis. This is justified by two reasons: regular mowing provides more gentle grinding and allows to keep the lawn in perfect condition. The more often you cut the grass, the less the blades and other mechanisms of the lawn mower wear out.