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How to Select the Best Grass Lawn Mower

How to Select the Best Grass Lawn Mower

When it comes to lawn care, several important questions may arise, including the difference between mower and trimmer, best brand of the mower, type of mower to use and others. Here, you will find the answers to the most actual and crucial issues, considering the topic. Below you will find detailed characteristics of mower and trimmer features, but at this point, it is inevitable to understand that complex work is the best. Mowers feature cutting the bulk of the grass, while trimmers can cut the remnants what mowers leave behind.

Lawn Mower

So, when spring is here, and you need to select the best lawn mower cutting grass, find out the differences and similarities of the available equipment. Generally, it is possible to specify three categories of mowers being the following:

  • Self-propelled or push. A small grass patch can be mowed with a manual push mower. Such mowers feature no engine, so you will need to move faster in order to activate proper blood work. The average cost of such grass removers will vary from $80 to $110. Self-propelled mowers will be more expensive, but you won’t need to push it. All-wheel drive is the best option, which provides more assistance going up inclines. For example, Grasshopper lawn mower will do the necessary work faster and with less effort.
  • Gas or electric. Considering this characteristic of the mower, it is important to specify that gas mowers are more powerful and feature longer runtime than electric ones. On the other hand, such devices are usually messier and require more frequent maintenance. Generally, you will have to pay $100-$400 for a quality gas mower. Contrary to this, electric mowers are much cleaner in operation. Additionally, you can select corded or cordless mower type within a single category. However, two batteries are inevitable for cordless items in order to fulfill the task without running out of juice. $300-$400 is the average cost of an electric mower.
  • Cutting type. Walk behind mowers are considered to be an American favorite for many years. This type of lawn machine is the leader in power and duration. With proper maintenance and care, you can use the item for years, mowing miles of the lawn. Additionally, this option is the best lawn mower for long grass that provides three ways of cutting, such as bagging that collects clippings to special bags that are disposed of with the waste, mulching that cuts the clippings to ultimately small pieces that break down and release useful nutrients into the soil and side-discharge that distributes the clippings to the lawn.
  • Riding mowers, lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers are also extremely popular with lawn owners. You do not need to walk behind it or push the item, just sit and ride. Such options will cost you more, varying from $600 up to $12,000. Irrespective of the high cost, such machines will provide you with durability, effectiveness, and comfort for many years.

Definitely, budget and personal preferences are other points that should be taken into consideration while choosing a mower. However, the type and number of obstacles, level of terrain, and size are the key factors that will determine the suitable mower type.

Grass Trimmer vs. Lawn Mower: Opting for More Effective Option

Considering grass mowers and trimmers, it is important to understand the key differences and peculiarities of each option. Mowers feature an ability to keep grass growth at certain height that helps keep the lawn healthy and thick. According to the available classification, mowers can be of several types, including:

  • Push;
  • Riding;
  • Electric;
  • Gas;
  • Self-propelled, etc.

The choice can depend on the size of the lawn greatly. People, who have small areas of grass usually select push mowers, as they are enough powerful and rather cheap, compared to riding mowers. However, homeowners with huge lawns prefer riding items, as they are more powerful and durable.

As for trimmers, they are used specifically for a well-manicured and perfect look of the lawn. When powered up, the string rotates at high speed, giving the capability to cut grass like a knife. There are gas and electric trimmers, which have various features and peculiarities. While gas trimmers are easier to maneuver, electric ones are safer for health. Even the best grass cutting lawn mower cannot cope with the areas around shrubs, trees, and fences the way trimmers do.

Generally, trimmers and mowers have several similarities, including the ability to cut grass, inevitability for lawn care and ability to keep grass at a proper height. Additionally, these items help eliminate weeds and aerate turf, preventing pests and insects to harbor on the lawn.

On the other hand, you could notice crucial differences, which should be taken into account, while you make a decision.

Types of Lawn Mowers to Select from

Once you are ready with the power source of the desirable mower, you need to consider numerous other characteristics. Grass catcher for craftsman lawn mower is an inevitable feature, which will help you eliminate effort and save time, raking the remnants of the cut grass. Besides, the cutting system of the mower is an important factor that contributes to the quality of the item. Generally, there are two main types of cutting system specified:

The quality of grass cutting in the cylinder lawn mower is considerably better since the cylinder system helps to slice the grass instead of smashing and chopping it. Cylinder mowers, at the same time, require more frequent and thorough maintenance in order to get the desired quality of grass cut. While each item has its pros and cons, you need to select the one, which would suit your preferences, type and side of the lawn you have and numerous other characteristics.